How can you so much inculcate your values, your likes, your lifestyle, your ideas nd
your history in the people that makes up your congregation than you inculcate
Christ in them?
The people knows you, your power nd your anointing so much than they know the
power, the glory nd the anointing of the Holy Ghost nd the person of Christ who should be the focus of the Church?
That’s why the members of your congregation can fight nd even go to lengths
defending you when someone calls you derogatory name, but can never make a
statement even when someone messes up the word of God in their presence.
Your congregation can do anything to stand for you, but may never show a
convincing concern to stand for God even when it matters. This is because some of us have so much spent time talking to the people about us
than we have spent talking to them about Christ the HEAD of the Church.
This error must be corrected!!!!!

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