First Response
(Psalm 63:1)
Sometimes I marvel at how long we can struggle in a situation before we think to
talk to God about it and listen for His voice. We complain about our problems; we
grumble; we murmur; we tell our friends; and we talk about how we wish God would do something about it. We struggle with situations in our minds and in our
emotions, while we often fail to take advantage of the simplest solution there is:
prayer. But worse than that, we then make perhaps the most ridiculous statement
known to man: “Well, I guess all I can do is pray.” I am sure you have heard that
before and maybe you have even said it. We all have. We are all guilty of treating
prayer as a last-ditch effort and saying things like, “Well, nothing else is working, so maybe we should pray.” Do you know what that tells me? It tells me that we really
do not believe in the power of prayer as we should. We carry burdens we do not
need to bear – and life is much harder than it has to be – because we do not realize
how powerful prayer is. If we did, we would talk to God and listen to what He says
about everything, not as a last resort, but as a first response.
God’s word for you today: Let prayer be your first response, not your last resort. From the book Hearing from God Each Morning by Joyce Meyer.


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