A Home for God’s Spirit
If you are born again, you hopefully know that Jesus lives on the inside of you
through the power of the Holy Spirit. The question is, is God comfortable in you?
Does He feel at home within you? Even though the Spirit of God lives within you,
other things live in you, too – such as fear, anger, jealousy, or murmuring and complaining.
God once gave me an illustration of what it is like for Him to live in a heart where
murmuring, complaining, and discord reside. Suppose you go to a friend’s house
and your friend says, “Oh, come on in. I’ll get you a cup of coffee. Get comfortable
and make yourself at home.” Then, your friend begins yelling at her husband and
the two of them rant and rave and carry on right in front of you. How comfortable would you be in the presence of such strife?
If we want to be a comfortable “home” for the Spirit of the Lord, we must give up
things that cause us to forget about His presence or are offensive to Him. We must
stop grumbling, allowing strife and unrest inside us, or harboring unforgiveness.
Instead, we need to make sure our inner lives are engaged in things that please
and honor God’s presence. Our mouths should be full of praise and thanksgiving. We should wake up every day and say in our hearts, “Good morning, Lord. I want
You to feel at home and be comfortable in me today.”
We all need to take inventory of what goes in our hearts because they are the
dwelling place of God. When we examine our inner lives, we are looking at holy
ground where God has chosen to make His home. Let’s commit to making Him
comfortable in us. God’s word for you today: Make sure you are a comfortable home for the Spirit of
the Lord.
From the book Hearing from God Each Morning by Joyce Meyer.


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