Leaders, You Need to Hear What God Says!
(2Timothy 3:16-17)
Everyone has an opinion about something – right living, health, relationships,
gender differences, love and marriage, parenting, work, money, politics and power,
dealing with enemies, religion and faith, etc. Whose opinion should you trust? If it works, it should stand the test of time. Then it becomes the standard because it is
so effective.
People grapple for answers. They want to know what has gone wrong and would
want to know how to correct and solve things. Good news! “All Scripture…is
USEFUL to teach us what is TRUE”. Then it goes on saying, “All Scripture….make
us realize what is wrong in our lives. It CORRECTS us when we are wrong and TEACHES us to DO what is RIGHT.” The prescriptions of Scripture have stood the
test of time. Many attest that applying Scripture to their lives is helpful and
effective. It matters because it has been proven true. Wouldn’t you want it to work
for you too?
God has something important to say about the things that matter in life. Want to
hear it? Read and hear it from His Word. Confronted with a dilemma? Ask what God says about it.
All Scripture is USEFUL!

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