Leaders, Here is Your Key to Personal Effectiveness!
(Deuteronomy 17:18-20)
Ever wondered why we learned to read? Reading is a gateway skill that opens
doors of opportunities for success and well-being. I believe we learned to read in
order to prepare us for success. It should matter then WHAT you read! Whatever you read should take you to personal effectiveness.
In the olden times in Israel, kings were instructed to keep a copy of the Scripture,
personally copied in their own handwriting, “reading them daily as long as they
live”. And what is the purpose for doing all these? – so that they “will fear the LORD
by obeying all these instructions and decrees”! And what results from doing this? –
regular reading will (1) prevent him from becoming proud,
(2) prevent him from turning away from what is right, and
(3) ensure his reign for many generations.
The kings who did this faithfully were proven to have ended ruling well (i.d. King
David and eight other kings of Judah).
We need humble leaders who lead, not for personal gain, but to serve his people. We need humble leaders who will do what is just and right for our organizational
well-being. We like working for employers who lead with humility – humble enough
to follow the standards and what is expected of them, not seeking after their own
personal whims. What is the key to becoming the leader like this? The regular
reading of the Scriptures.
You will have your turn to lead. If you are already holding a leadership position, turn your course toward effective leadership. Today is the best time to do that. Use
that long-learned gateway skill to make you effective, humble and successful.
Read the WORD, apply it and see the difference it can make.


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