Leaders, Here is your Formula for Success!
(Joshua 1:8)
What is your formula for success?
Workplaces and organizations strive for continual improvement. Students go for
lifelong learning. All these they do to prosper, get ahead and succeed. How do you go about it?
People study in school what they need to apply at work for them to be successful.
The application of the academic ensures success in the industry. The same goes
with life: we need to study the Scriptures – God’s book of instruction – and
continually apply it, in order to be successful in life.
People run after success and follow what they think will lead them there. But what really works? We have to invest our precious time and treasure into something that
can only be a sure hit for success. Joshua says, “Study this Book continually,
meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it.”
The purpose of studying Bible continually and meditating on it day and night is for
us to OBEY it. I have never known of anyone who went through school and became
successful without applying what he has learned. Applying the Scriptures is the key! The result? Success!
May the word of God be a light unto your path and lamp unto your feet in the name
of Jesus.
Remain Blessed.


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