What kind of grace humanity is expected to be
given again. ? It drives me insane to read people
rejecting the warnings of God to hate the devil
and sin, because he the devil hates humanity to
the core. Yet many will resist the hand of God and starts
complaining, because the grace we have been
given is still not enough. Therefore God should
give us more grace.
Hamm , wicked and rebellious generation who are
blind and ungrateful towards God. Titus 2:11 Talks about God already given grace to
help man to say No to the devil’s schemes and to
say yes to God.
Do you chose the grace above sin ?, Then you will
always be grateful towards God’s provision.
But if you chose sin, pleasure and evil above God’s relentless grace, what more do you want?
The doctrine of grace and salvation by the gospel,
is for all ranks and conditions of men. The spirit
of God goes before man’s arrival in his place of
choice. The Grace of God teaches us to forsake
sin; to have nothing more to do with it. However our earthly, sensual conversation suits not a
heavenly calling. Therefore as we follow our
natural desires, which is interested in its comforts
instead of its well being in the sight of God, we
seems to be prone to say yes to sin, instead of
godliness. The grace teaches us to make conscience of that
which is good. We must look to God in Christ, as
the object of our hope and worship, not sin . A
gospel conversation must be a godly
conversation. See our duty in a very few words;
denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, living soberly, righteously, and godly, notwithstanding
all snares, temptations, corrupt examples, ill
usage, and what remains of sin in the believer’s
heart, with all their hindrances.
The grace of God is God. He teaches us to look
for the glories of another world. He prepares us At, and in, the glorious appearing of Christ, so
that the blessed hope of Christians will be
complete: In Eph.5:25-28 The Spirit of Grace is
there to bring us to holiness and happiness which
the father had prepared for those who love His
only begotten Son and has make good use of Christ’s death. Jesus Christ, that great God and
our Savior, who saves not only as God, much less
as Man alone; but as God-man, two natures in
one person. He loved us, and gave himself for us;
and what can we do less than love and give up
ourselves to him! Redemption from sin and sanctification of the nature go together, and make
a peculiar people unto God, free from guilt and
condemnation, and purified by the Holy Spirit.
What more can He do again ?
Jesus came to lived to show us how to live for
the Father. As He loved the father and chose the fathers will above His, so must we do on daily
All Scripture is profitable. To be able to please
the father; Here is what will furnish for all parts
of duty, and the right discharge of them. Let us
inquire whether our whole dependence is placed upon that grace which saves the lost, pardons the
guilty, and sanctifies the unclean. I disagree that
we need to pray for the grace. Rather we must
utilize the inexhaustible grace already provided.
Through His final statement on John 19:30 IT IS
FINISHED. Meaning the more we keep on coming to Him as
Apostle was assured that the grace us more
sufficient in time of surrendering to God. Further
we are removed from boasting of fancied good
works, or trusting in them, so that we glory in
Christ alone, the more zealous shall we be to abound in real good works.
Everything we needed to accomplished this life
journey was set in place before we started the
journey of life . However very few of us make an
effort to come and keep on coming to the author
of life to inquire of Him and to walk with Him. Only those who wakes up early in the morning to
seek His will shall find it and follow. Such are
called His sons, they lack nothing, because they
had lost nothing before coming to know Him.

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