Your pastor/priest preached the free message he claimed to have received from
God and asked you to pay monetary-tithes, bring monetary-offerings and sow
monetary-seed-faith, buy his book, Cd or tape for the work of God. And the same
pastor/priest warned that not paying monetary tithing you are robbing God and you
are cursed according to Mal 3:8-9. Ask him what Jesus said in Matt 10:8-10?
• The true robbers in churches today are the pastors and priests that are collecting monetary tithing in the name of God/Jesus, because God/Jesus never commanded
nor sent anyone to collect monetary tithing in His name under old or new
• Both the message and blessings of God are free of charge, and they can only be
received by faith in Christ Jesus – Eph 1:3. Heb 11:6.
• The only thing you are to do is give what you have secretly, willingly and cheerfully as you purposed in your heart according to what you have. There is no
curse for non-givers under the New Testament – Lk 6:38. Rom 8:1-2. 2Cor 8:12; 9:7.
Gal 6:6-10.
Let no one cajole you to give!
Stop tithing your hard earned money!
Give secretly, willingly and cheerfully what you have; And God will reward you openly and abundantly!
(Read Matt 6:1-4)

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