The influence of America and her culture on the church in Nigeria is monumental.
Although Christianity did not come from America, America was as gentile as
Nigeria as far as the salvation programme of God is concerned, people here have
come to see America as the standard of Christianity. Any minister of God who
travels to America to preach, even though to less than two dozen people, leaving the hundreds of brethren in his congregation behind is considered a big and
successful minister of God.
Here we have adopted the American style of worship. Our musical instruments are
American; our lyrics are American. Our ministers dress American; some even mimic
popular American preachers sounding miserable in the process.
When our brothers, (Americana pastors) came back from America, they began to tell us that it no longer matter for our sisters to cover their heads in prayer
meetings. Everybody (except some few “conservatives”) said yes; America cannot
be wrong. Later they told us that since women wear trousers to church in America,
it no longer matter for sisters here to do same. Everybody complied; America
cannot be wrong! Recently, men come to church with braided hair while women
come with “skin” haircut, many are in church with tattoo and men wear ear rings. We all sing, jump and shout together in church in the American way; these things
do not matter because that is what they do in America and America cannot be
Now American men are marrying themselves in church and their women are doing
the same. Soon American churches will be full of couples who are Mr Wood and Mr
Wood married legally in the church and Mrs and Mrs Stones married together. America is always right! That is the position here!
Soon in Nigeria, shall also see Olu and Ade, two brothers in the church as couple,
one in the choir and the other an usher?
I hope America will be wrong for once and something will really matter to the
church in Nigeria!
Soon it will no longer matter in America for Mr Coal to marry his dog and for Miss Bush to marry her horse. Then, I hope it will matter to the church in Nigeria!
Brethren, for how long will the culture of America be the culture of the church? The
“name it and claim it” faith movement came from America; also, the capitalistic
Christianity where wealth is used to measure God’s approval. Where is America
leading the churches in our land?
Our bishops and reverends, I hope that after your next trip to America, homosexuality will still be a sin; I hope it will still matter? I hope we can spot the
big difference between American Jesus and Bible Jesus
We do not need any prophet again to know that the trumpet of the home call will
sound any moment from now. How ready are you?
I hope the matter of eternity still matter to you?
(If it matters to you, share this message with those that matter in your life) Think on these things and may God give you understanding in Jesus name.


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