MATHEW 23:1-13
(1)They preach water and take wine..they do not do what they preach.they tell
people to walk in holiness while themselves are far away from holiness…theydo not
practice what they preach.
(2)they tie up heavy loads and put them on people’s shoulders but they themselves are not willing to move them.they rebuke sin and insist on holiness while they
continue hiding in sin.
(3)everything they do is done for men to see.they praise each other in facebook
walls so that others may congratulate them too.when they help others,or the LORD
uses them to heal or deliver,they advertise here with intentions of being seen
superior/powerful but not glorifying GOD.(They hide in the name of gloryfying GOD)..aiming at pleasing human beings.
(4)They love places of honour,they love tittles,they love when they are
called,pastor,powerful servant..they love fame and be seen..they pretend
to be very powerful but eyeing a certain lady to propose for marriage.
(5)they are always on the watch out,who has fallen,or if you share with them your
problems, they open gossip centres in facebook inboxes to discuss and spreading romours about people,oooh have you heard so and so,they have hurt people in the
ministry and these people have gone away/backslidden/lost hope in salvation,the
bible indicates that,they shut the kingdom of heaven in mens face,you yourselves
do not enter nor will you let those trying to,enter.
(6)if you preach holiness,they say you are pretending to be holier than thou,when
you rebuke sin,they say you are judging them. (7)they preach to people,e.g of the opposite sex,and if they receive JESUS/They
mentor them,and if they grow strong,he proposes to marry her thus removing her
from the ways of the LORD through the immoral chats,the bible indicates,you make
her twice as much as the son of hell as you are.
(8)they put on long skirts,dress very well with suits,while the heart is stinking,full of
sin,evil,,,,andthe bible indicates… clean the outside but inside they are full of greed and self indulgence.first clean the inside then the outside will automatically
change.and the bible goes ahead and says,you look like whitewashed tombs,which
look beautiful on the outside but inside is full of dead men’s bones and everything
unclean….in the same way on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on
the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness…..
If we call ourselves christians and these characteristicsare in us,how then will we escape being condemned in hell?????

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