Give me that old time religion, please give me that old time christianity.
Give me the old time religion where righteousness and holiness were preached.
Give me that old time religion where evangelists and pastors were not cowards
who are afraid to speak the truth.
Give me that old time religion where the truth was spoken by pastors not considering the membership of his church. Oh, Ananias and Saphira were lost even
unto death.
Give me that old time Christianity where sinners were not comfortable in the pews,
because when they came out of the church they said “that pastor was talking to
me, who told him my secrete?”
Give me that old time religion where women covered their hair with veil. That old religion where no one was dressed like prostitute in the congregation.
Give me the old time religion where The prophets opposed the evil leaders and
politicians. And the politicians were not given preferencial treatment in the
church…Where the politicians were not invited to the pulpit to take the microphone
to give speech and make propaganda for their next election.
Give Me the Old time religion that pastors were not focusing on building large edifices and auditoriums so that they can be seen as the greatest or largest church
in the whole world, i mean where they were not seeking after honour from men but
rather were building men up in the knowledge of God.
Give me the old time religion where the sinners were terrified and fear gripped the
hypocrite in the congregation, i do not want the religion that make sinners
comfortable in the pews, no, not where fornicators are shouting and chanting “ride on sir, carry on sir, we dey feel you sir” to their pastors sermons.
Give me the old time religion that speaks the truth that pierces the heart of men.
The religion that is not after crowd, but just ready few who are in for the kingdom
of God.
I wish for that old religion that said, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand,
repent or perish! The soul that sinneth shall die…not the religion that teaches men to possess the world.
Give me that religion that teaches that we are strangers on this earth, i wish for
that religion that makes one wants to go back home because it teaches that this
world is not our own. Not the one that boast about the acquisition of money,
private jets and universities and other worldly possession.
I wish for the religion that placed politicians where they belonged, not the one that gives sponsors of gay marriage microphone to give speech on the alter…
Oh, i wish, i wish, i wish, how long will i wish to see that religion that took the head
of the apostles and shed the blood of my past brothers. What i see now is pastors
loved by the world, because there is no truth in them. This is how their fathers were
loved by the world. Friendship with the world is emity with God.
My pen can go on and on on this, but my heart is breaking, my mind is shaking, my eyes weeping, weeping that many do not see what i see,.. It is going worse than
this. I see the future where the cathedrals of today will become business centres
and museums. This is my tears. This is my pain. I believe the Lord feels same.
I weep not because i am discouraged. I weep because you do not know the mind of
God concerning this time and future. I weep because you are after your denomination and pastors. I weep because you do not know the program of the
church. I weep because you do not hear the alarm calling you out of that church. I
weep because you do not ask questions. I weep because there is more to this that
you do not know.
I weep because you do not know that the Lord has answered the prayer of the
elects who are also wishing to have that old time religion, those waiting and praying for the revival of the church.
Men prophesied about this time, they talked about it, but they didn’t know how and
couldn’t tell when. The earth is still earnestly waiting for the fulfilment of that
prophesy. But there are those it is given to interprete this prophesy to the
manifestation of these sons of God on earth.


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