absolutely very narrow, narrow indeed with all the bends is the way to heaven. Very
hard way indeed, this road was the way Joseph followed, apostle paul followed,
john Wesley followed to heaven. no short cut at all, if you want heaven you must
follow this narrow road, it leads to heaven.
If you are burdened with the cares of this world you cannot follow this way, if you love the world, the musics of the world, the dressings of the world, the language of
the world you cannot tarry in this road, with all the weights of sin upon you the road
cannot contain you because it is very narrow
If you want to walk in this road you must count the cost, deny the world and its
pleasures, those naked dressing, those pornographic films, those worldly musics,
those ungodly relationship, those your clubbing, worldly friends, those immoral lifestyles you must deny them and pick up your cross or else forget about entering
heaven at last.
Very narrow, again you must deny your self many things, all this bleaching,
painting, sagging, alcohol drinking, you must stop them, break off with any
girlfriend or boyfriend or sugar mummy or daddy else forget about seeing Jesus at
last. Christianity must be recovered, Jesus mean business, total holiness must be
embraced, and Service to God done with clean hands, pure heart in holiness and in
truth, in righteousness and in purity.


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