A proverb in Nigeria says, “When a plantain is spoiling, we say no, it is only ripping
well” An unripe plantain is rich and contains several nutrients, and when it begins
to ripe, it looses its nutrients and could cause health damages, but then it becomes
finer, and sweeter; it becomes more presentable and attractive. The same thing is
applicable with RCCG and many churches today. But the focus is on RCCG here. The founder of this church, Rev. Akindayomin, a man of holiness and
righteousness, God called him and gave him a covenant church, that is Redeemed
Christian Church of God – RCCG.
Then the church was unpopular because of its strict stand on holiness and
righteousness. They were called “Gospel church” those who preached holiness and
stood for it. They were not after materials stuffs, their sisters dressed godly, not flamboyantly, all of them were content with little and sharing with all.When their
choir ministered, people bowed their heads in sober mood by the heavenly touch of
the singing ministration, not like the jumping, shouting and crazy yelling with
entertainment choir of today. Then companies were writing the church for
employment because of the faithfulness and diligence of their members. I would
not have joined them because of their standard of holiness since I was not saved then. That was the RCCG I knew when I was in Ilesha, Osun state in 1989 to early
But today, RCCG is more popular, richer and everywhere, in fact, they are proud of
their parishes in every corner of Nigeria and many other countries, they are the
fastest and still growing church, beautiful auditoriums everywhere. In Abuja here
where I live, RCCG is like the richest church. But where are their godly virtues of old? They have exchanged their spiritual riches for materials and financial riches,
they boast of financial riches while they are spiritually miserable. I lived in
Redemption camp for full 6 months in 2010, and with what I saw in the dept of
RCCG – the corruption, sexual immorality, unfaithfulness, etc. among the core
leaders to the least members, I can categorically say this church is spiritually poor.
A church where a music director wanted to sleep with a sister choir before permitting her to sing praise and worship at the Holy Ghost night? And God cannot
open the eyes of the GO to discern or detect sins among people close to him and
rebuke it openly as Apostle Peter did in Acts chapter 5, the GO can only discern
blessings and upcoming prosperity?
Why has RCCG changed to opposite of where they stood before? Or why did
Pastor Adeboye changed the landmark God gave to Rev. Akindayomin, which he upheld till he died? And you, you who were saved and brought up in the old faith
when you were young, in secondary school and university fellowships, now you
have joined the modern church system and worldly dress and have abandoned
your beginning, seeing it as old school?
The Bible standard has gone elsewhere because of crave for population. If you are
a member, worker or leader in RCCG, how many messages or books of Rev. Akindayomin do you have or have you read or listen to? Maybe none! RCCG is the
only church where materials and works of the immediate past GO is evacuated
almost completely. As if the books and messages of their founder who also was the
immediate past leader were totally removed. None of his books or messages are
promoted or reprinted, at least for every member to have access to the teachings
and messages of the founder of their church. This present GO and admins will never do that, you know why? Their lifestyles, prayers and preachings are opposite
the messages and standard of Rev. Akindayomin, so they CAN NEVER PROMOTE
THE MESSAGES OR BOOKS of Pa Akindayomin in their present spiritual condition.
Do you know any church on earth where the messages and books of the church
founder and immediate past General Overseer is completely eradicated from the
same church with no trace? Only in RCCG. If God should open the eyes of Pa Akindayomin in heaven to see the church he left
on earth, he will be weeping now, so also heaven is weeping on RCCG. But you are
celebrating RCCG as a successful church, popular and powerful even to Aso villa
here in Abuja.
The case of Pa Akindayomin and Pastor Adeboye is like the case of David and
Solomon in the Bible. David fought the good fight of Faith, so also did Pa Akindayomin – we know how Pa Akindayomin started and how he ended well. But
Solomon did no fighting, rather he did many buildings, from building Temple of
God, to his personal buildings, to several idols, even to Chemosh – incessant
building project is one of the signs of backsliding in any church. Solomon had many
things, many wives, many riches, etc. just as there are many buildings and many
members today in RCCG. You must be happy of being a member or pastor of RCCG, especially if you did not
witness the RCCG of old; because there is freedom, prosperity and promises and
better life. No stress of holiness, no discipline of indecent dress, no restitution,
everything is bureaucracy, and as long you can comply with the rules and
regulations, you have no limit. But that will lead to where?
This is not the covenant church God used His servant Rev. Akindayomin to found, this is not the same church I knew in 1990, this is not the church of the Bible.
Today, I will find it hard to join RCCG, not because of their high standard of
holiness again, but because of their low and poor standard of holiness.
You can be very zealous to condemn this article, to choose to defend your GO
rather than defending the truth. If you were not in RCCG about 20 years ago, then
you may lack understanding of the beginning of RCCG, go and ask the elders who witnessed the beginning and strength of RCCG as a true covenant church of
undiluted truth and holiness of heavenly minded church.
If you know where God began with you, where God was pleased with you that He
made COVENANT with you, then that may help you to know where you have
missed it along the way, and where you need to trace you way back. God is waiting
for you at the point He made covenant with you, and same thing with Pastor Adeboye and RCCG as a whole. Go back to the old faith, the narrow old path of
FEW serious minded, and stop defending this broad MULTITUDE, MANY faulty
modern way before it is too late. The Rapture of the saints is imminent!
” Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—
and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and Unclad— 18 I
counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your unclothedness may not
be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see. 19 As many as
I love, I rebuke and chasten.Therefore be zealous and repent.” Revelation 3:17-19
-Evangelist Gideon


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