This is very serious and Today we must handle it and clean up the church of
Christ.people must stop ashaming JESUS…
MATHEW 23:13..WOE unto you teachers of the law,you
hypocrites!!!!you shut the kingdom of HEAVEN IN men’s yourselves do not enter nor will you let those who are trying to, enter…hypocrites and pharisees
are many in the house of GOD..I think l must handle now talking to
individuals.many non believers all over the world complain that Christians have
very bad manners, christians have ashamed the LORD!!!!!!are you the one behaving
to be holier than thou,telling people,you will not enter heaven,,yet yourself are not
walking right,in total holiness before the LORD?SOME ushers and security handle people harshly and rudely,the LORD has struggled so much to bring his people in
the church or meetings yet you mishandle them,and they leave the church saying,if
that is salvation,l better not get born again..
for example l heard someone cry,l struggled so much to convince my mum to come
to meeting then after meeting the parent says,your church is good,but the people
inside… do you represent CHRIST?how do you approach someone not born again?how can you go to him and directly point at her nakedness in harsh rebuke
and expect her to get born again? do you now want to be the HOLY SPIRIT who
changes people? you are supposed to present the word of GOD to the person and
let the LORD do his work of change..many people have refused to come in thinking
this is a cult,simply because we do not present the word well.thus SPOILING FOR
JESUS!!!!!. how do you handle those people not born again in your place of work or where you
stay?do you quarrel with them?answer them rudely?lie to them?.You hypocrite,
pharisee,JESUS says,you shut the door of heaven in peoples yourselves
are not entering,neither will you allow those who are trying,to enter!!! If you fall in
this group,do you think you are born again and entering or escorting others in
heaven? JOHN 3:3 l tell you the truth,unless one truely gets born again,you will never enter
the kingdom of GOD…the bible says,many will try to enter but will not make it,many
are called but few are chosen,not everyone who says LORD LORD will enter
heaven,,watch out lest you fulfil the out,the prostitutes,drunkards,and
those in churches you despise are entering heaven before you.
how comes you forgot so quickly that it was by grace,by the mercies of GOD that you were saved?Unless your righteousness surpasses that of the pharisees,you
will never enter the kingdom of GOD..
you who does this…you who block others from entering, how will you escape being
condemned in hell????…


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