Please read this!
In this sad dark place of place of misery and sorrow, we have lost the company of
saints and angels, and instead have nothing but tormenting devils. We undergo a
variety of torments. We are tormented here a thousand, no, ten thousand different
ways. Those that suffer upon the earth seldom have more than one affliction at a time. But if they had ulcers, gallstones, headaches, and fever all at the same time,
would they not think they were very miserable? Yet all those together are but like
the biting of a flea compared to those intolerable, sharp pains that we endure.
Here we have all the sufferings of hell. Here is an unquenchable fire which burns
us; a lake of burning brimstone that ever chokes us. Here there is utter darkness to
frighten us, and a form of conscience that gnaws upon us everlastingly. Any one these is worse to bear than all the torments that mankind ever felt on earth!
It is enough to tear and gnaw upon our miserable souls forever. Yet, oh, that this
were all that our torments were! Another part of our misery is the ceaselessness of
torments. As various, as complete and as extremely violent as they are, they are
also continual, dreadful shrieks, howlings and fearful cursing are our continual
conversation because of the fierceness of our pain. It is the completion of all misery, a prison, a dungeon, a bottomless pit, a lake of brimstone, a furnace of fire
that burns to eternity.
Our ears are continually tormented with the loud continual yelling of the damned.
Our nostrils are smothered with sulfurous flames; our tongues with burning blisters;
and the whole body is rolled with a continual gnawing worm.
The blackness of darkness forever. Hell itself is a wretched place as this can only increase our wretchedness. The cruelty of our tormentors is another thing that
adds to our sufferings. Our tormentors are devil in whom there is no pity.
Our minds are tormented as we remember how foolishly we spent our precious
time on earth. Our understanding is tormented with the thoughts of our past
pleasures, present pains, and future sorrows, which are to last forever. And our
consciences are tormented with a continual gnawing worm. The fire that burns us is so violent that all the water in the sea can never quench it. The pains we suffer
here are so extreme that it is impossible for anyone to know them except the
damned, but there is no easing of our torments, and what we suffer now we must
suffer forever.
All those sufferings that I have recounted are very grievous. But that which makes
them the most grievous is that they shall always be forever. All our intolerable sufferings shall last to all eternity! Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire,
is what continually sounds in my ears. Oh that I could reverse that fatal sentence!
Oh If there was but a bare possiblity of salvation!
This is the miserable situation we are in, and shall be forever.
People in hell are suffering terribly and its forever. With all these lifestyle of yours,
do you think you will make heaven? Many christians are joking with their christian life, they think the road to heaven is full of fun and play. The kingdom of God
suffereth violence and the violent take it by force! If you are not violent in your
Christian life, you will be thrown into the violent fire. If you don’t live that sin and
repent, confess, it will disgrace you in the shame of demons in hell. You are a
compromising christian, lukewarm christians, in dressing, you dress like the people
of the world, artificial fashions you refuse to drop; you are so worldly, satan has hardened your mind, you don’t want to change ha! If you miss that glorious heaven,
you can never never miss that place of misery and sorrow where you will be
tormented day and night, no food no water, you will be there forever and ever,
damned forever. So many of your families, friends that died in sin are now in hell! If
you refuse to repent, you will die and join them!
Death can come anytime, the messenger of God that never fails. PLEASE AM BEGGING YOU, DROP THAT SIN, WORLDLY LIFE, MUSIC, VIDEOS,
WORLD! I BEG YOU WITH THE MERCY OF GOD. Satan is waiting for God to take
away his grace so that he can bring so many of us to hell, satan can destroy us in 3
seconds! Ah! crying.pls repent.sobs
Don’t forget that the people in hell shall be cast into the lake of fire on the last day- the second death, it would be more terrible, worse infact worsest! Ah! Sobs..
Is it not better to surrender now when there is time, than to surrender in hell!


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