“Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter
and will not be able. Luke 13:24 Since Rapture will not happen twice, but once, wise Christians will do more to
focus and strive to be counted worthy. Why will many miss the rapture even after
they are born again and serving God? Here are 7 common reasons in which any of
them can hold back a Born again Christian: (1) UNDONE RESTITUTION Acts 24:16
After you are genuinely saved, there may be some wrongs of the past that need to
corrected in your present new life in Jesus. Restitution includes restoring things
wrongly acquired, revealing lies and deceptions and reconciling with people we
offended, and also forgiving with all our hearts people who offended us, no matter
how terrible. Forgiveness from the heart is part of restitution and many Christians, ministers of God will miss rapture and heaven just because of un-forgiveness and
bitterness. Matthew 6:14, 15.
UNPAID & INESSENTIAL DEBT, when you have the power to pay but postponing
or does not want to pay, this can hinder Christians from being raptured or entering
heaven. And a serious minded Christian will be wary of unnecessary debts of
buying inessential stuffs in credit. (2) JUST A LITTLE SIN Galatians 5:9
Many will miss rapture and entrance to heaven not because they are not born
again and serving God, not because they are committing serious sins, but just
because of a little, besetting sin, just little but too heavy to hold people down from
making rapture. Can you imagine that wearing tight clothes, tops that show a
woman’s cleavage or wearing trouser as a lady, transparent clothes would hinder so many godly sisters from making the rapture? When the Holy Spirit calls your
attention to the little sin, you excuse yourself that it doesn’t matter, everybody is
doing it or it is your own weakness since everybody has a weakness. It may be little
anger, envy, jealousy, even in the work of God. Little, little lies, using people’s or
your office’s materials for your personal purpose without taking permission. You
think it doesn’t matter? It does. Let’s repent NOW. Common sins will commonly hinder common Christians and ministers back. (3) LITTLE WORLDLINESS 1 John 2:16
Little worldliness will hinder so many Christians from making the rapture. This little
worldliness does not matter to many Christians and churches today. The worldly
music which you call normal, worldly movies, magazines (fashion, entertainment or
pornography), TV programs inspired by Satan (American Idol, African Idols, Big
Brother Africa, MTN Project Fame, Gulder Ultimate Search, Dance shows, African magic, animated cartoon, etc. ) Also worldly dress (wearing tops, blouses that show
the trace of your breasts as a woman or that reveals your back, tight, transparent or
shot dress) Many Christian women are tapped by Satan with worldly dress
unknowingly but they will know after the rapture. Those who have died have gotten
to know already but too late. (4) OVER CONFIDENCE 1 Corinthians 10:12
Over-confidence will hinder many believers from entering heaven. You see the
shortcoming of others without seeing yours, without daily searching your life with
the Word of God and prayer for forgiveness and daily sanctification. This category
of people believe they can never make mistake after they are saved, they believe
they are once and entirely sanctified and no need for daily prayer for cleansing and sanctification, they are bound in bountiful hypocrisy which is one of the most
terrible sins- hypocrisy. Believing that you can’t make mistake after you are saved
is a serious mistake. Tenderness and watchfulness serve better.
(5) UNCONFESSED SIN 1 Timothy 5:24
Unconfessed sin remains a secret sin. You did something wrong and you realize it
and confessed to God but concealed it from people, you refuse to confess to necessary partners or people even after the Holy Spirit has ministered to you to
expose it, you are listening to the wrong preachers and your wrong motive and
defending yourself that you have confessed to God so that should settle it. This
will block many ears from hearing the sound of the Trumpet of rapture. Please, you
must confess to one another, James 5:16, as the case may be, why will you miss
rapture just because of this little shortcoming? (6) LITTLE COMPROMISE 1 Corinthians 5:6
Little compromise at workplace, in your business, to get contract, job or promotion;
little compromise to get your documents and papers – being smart. Little
compromise in examination hall, in marital relationship or in your tithes and
offerings; these little, little, overlooked stuffs will hold and hinder many Believers
and Ministers from making heaven. If you are careful, the compromise of your society, of your church and idolized Pastors will not infect and affect you. (7) LACK OF LOVE 1 John 4:8
Do you think it’s possible to make heaven without love? And does your life shows
the love of Christ? Please read 1 Corinthians 13:1-8. Most churches and Christians
lack love. Love is kindness and expresses goodness to all men, especially brethren,
it helps and shares. The syndrome of “sowing” into the lives of big pastors, the
several church projects and personal projects have blinded many Christians from loving and helping people around them.
Purity without love is hypocrisy, love without purity is lust, but real purity means
PURE LOVE. Christian life without love is hypocrisy.
Please, we should all search our lives with the light of God’s Word, let’s repent now
and confess and correct everything as the Holy Spirit calls our attention.
Irrespective of our spiritual attainments and positions, God is not a respecter of any man. As long you still see yourself as a little child in God’s hand, you must be
humble and careful enough to look into your life. Let’s ask God to sanctify us, and
let’s also be more watchful from now, be more vigilant and prayerful everyday as
we ask for God’s grace and mercy to be counted worthy, we all need these, we are
all striving and no man is a superman, until we get to heaven. May God help us and
see us through to the end in Jesus name. Rapture will happen once and any time from now. If you want to rededicate your
life to Jesus or need further counsel on any of these points, please feel free to
contact the address below. That we are still alive now, is a great privilege, let’s
make use of it NOW!
1 Peter 4:7,“But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful
in your prayers.” Where will you be after the rapture?


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