(please read this slowly and steadily)
I thought I was living a serious christian life, I thought I was doing the right thing, I
thought I was in the way of righteousness but it was just a lie.
I thought dressing like a christian is enough to make me righteous, I thought talking about the things of God, preaching God’s Word is enough to make me a
good Christian.
I thought attending weekly programme, going to camp, fasting and praying is
enough to make me a citizen in heaven forgeting that even the pharisees and
saducces practise that.
I thought because I was talented and gifted, I dream dreams & it will come to pass. I thought with all these God is happy with me, forgeting that even sinners dream
dreams and it will come to pass.
Haa, I thought enjoying the miracles of God was enough evidence that am a child
of God, I thought enjoying prosperity, riches, breakthrough was a sign that my
name is in the book of life…….
….Not knowing that these things do not determine the spiritual state of a christian… I thought it is enough to give alms, pay tithe, give offering, I thought teaching the
Word of God, having spiritual gift was an evidence that am a true christian….
I thought because i do not commit noticeable sin makes me righteous whereas in
my heart am so filthy but i appear like a dove……
Though, I was self-righteous, I never listen to correction, I hid myself from sound
doctrine, I ran to where they do not condemn sin……. All these I thought…
Alas!sobs… Suddenly I died without remedy, I found myself walking with a large
crowd in the broad way hearing cries, wailing and agony…
My heart was shaking, bursting out for fear, i was afraid……
Until I mounted the judgement throne.,,,,
A Man in white looked at me, he nodded his head and his eyes became red and tears was coming out from his eyes…….
After death is Judgement!
An angel opened a book called the Book of Life, haa, all my thought was sounding
in my ears, so it wasn’t true. I was just deceiving myself, I was hypocritical…
I wish I had listened to the truth. I wish I had attended church where the truth is
been preached and practised… My name wasn’t found in this book of life…….
…. Then the Man, Declared with Anger!!!
Demons dragged me, i was crying and weeping, so i had lived a miserable life on
As they wanted to cast me into hell….. I woke up weeping and crying for mercy.
All, I thought wasn’t true, Alas!
I would have been in hell………..

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