Life is all about influence! It is not all about affluence!
It is about touching and transforming lives eternally for Christ. It is not about
showcasing wealth before men for vain glory. Life is about praying for the pupils,
the teenagers and the young adults until Christ is formed within them; it is about
showing the love of Christ to the unsaved by lovingly pointing Christ to them first through our lives and then through the messages we preach; it is about sharing our
worldly goods to the naked, poor and hungry youths because of Christ and for the
sake of endearing Christ to them.
Life is about turning around a youth who is on the express way to hell; the wide
gate and the broad way, that leads to destruction back to the road that leads to
heaven; the strait gate and the narrow way which leads unto life eternal. Life is all about living to fulfill the purpose of God for your life. This is why you were
born and you are born again. This is what will give meaning to your life. This is
what will give value to your life.
Invest your life eternally for God’s purpose. You have only one life to live.
“Life is not defined by what you have, even when you have a lot.” Luke 12:15 (The
Message Bible).


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