You have rededicated your life to Jesus and decided to be committed to Him in
prayer, Bible reading and godly living. You want to pray but when you start praying
or reading your Bible you feel empty, dried, drained and wandering about; your
mind is not in the prayer. So what are you going to do? The answer is, do not mind
how you feel when you want to pray or while you are praying. The feeling is the attack of the devil to discourage from praying and to stop you.
So, continue praying, even if your mind is not there; keeping talking to God, singing
and saying something even when you feel empty, God understands.
Whenever you want to pray or read your Bible and you feel dry, empty, wandering
about or sleepy, it is satanic strategy to stop you, so you must not be ignorant of
his devices; do not stop, but continue, no matter how you feel or what you think. It’s when you stop that Satan wins you and destroys your spiritual strength, but if you
continue, God will renew your strength and you will grow stronger.
You may feel as if God is not listen to you, as if you should stop the prayer and pray
when you feel strong, or when you feel better in the spirit; but such suggestions are
from Satan. There is no better time to pray than when you don’t feel like praying, it
is because the devil knows your prayer will destroy his plan and purpose against your spiritual life, ministry, brethren, and family; he knows your prayer will open
heaven of power, grace and blessings of God on you at that very hour, so he will do
all to discourage you. But you must not be foolish to allow Satan to distract or
discourage you from praying when you ought to.
Christian life is not by feeling, but it is by faith even when you don’t feel it; it’s by
force even when you feel like sleeping or you feel weak, you must force yourself; Christian life is fighting, not a fun or a frivolous life, and your prayer life must be
fervent every day, not fluctuating. Never mind the feeling and never give up the
“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in
the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” 1
Corinthians 15:58

“Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?
and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful
works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that
work iniquity.” (Matthew 7:22-23).
Brethren, I am weeping for my soul because i want to make heaven at last but the Lord open my eyes to some things that marvel me.
We can have all the prosperity in this world, we may own the latest thing, we may
have higher certificate,Bsc, Msc, we may possess gift of the Spirit, we may have
the largest member in our church and have ministers that can pray fire fire prayer,
and die die prayer, we may minister powerfully and present powerful ministration
that draw souls to Jesus, we may have different titles for ourself like pastor,preacher,watchman,missionary and make exploits in life, we may know the
bible in-depth and have certificates in theology, we may have Faith that move
mountains into the sea, we may possess divers spiritual gifts,we may have
disciples under us, we may be a good worker, faithful and vibrant in the church, we
may fast and pray and cast out many demons, we may have experience that
people do not have, we may be so talented and opportuned, we may be so committed to evangelism and preaching, we may post powerful message, write
powerful articules on facebook that make people cry but brethren know that, THE
ISSUE OF MAKING HEAVEN is a different issue entirely.

We are in a generation where preaching about hell, judgement day, rapture, life
after death and hell fire are strange and unwelcome in the church again.
We are in a generation where pastors preach to comfort people in their sins.
We are in a generation where it is acceptable to mention names of politicians and
condemn them even when your pastors refuse to preach to them when they visit your church, but it is not acceptable to mention names of misleading pastors for
correction – There is no single Bible verse to defend such notion. Jesus mentioned
names, and so the apostles, no need to speak of their evil in secret.
We are in a generation where rebuking or correcting sinful habit is termed to be
“judging or condemning”, and the best response you will get is, “judge not”
We are in a generation where messages of prosperity are more popular and acceptable than messages of purity
We are in a generation where pastors are richer than the politicians.
We are in a generation where speaking in tongue is more valuable than speaking
the truth.
We are in a generation where the luxurious lifestyle of pastors is more impressive
than life of righteousness. We are in a generation where the pastors and bishops are misleading their
members to hell, messing up with their women, making ritual sacrifices of their
members and same members are doing everything to defend them.
We are in a generation of Christians where giving offerings and materials in church
is more emphasized and appreciated than giving one’s life to Jesus.
We are in a generation where praying against enemies in one’s family to die is more important than to pray for sinners in one’s family to be saved.
We are in a generation where those leading us are the one who have lost the faith
We are in a generation where we have more of merriment and frivolity instead of
We are in a generation where our sisters who ought to be thinking of how to go far
with God are busy occupied with artificial fashions, cosmetic Christianity and engulfed with pride.
We are in the end time generation where it is faster to go to hell from the church
than outside the church
And where are you going from here?
Where will you spend eternity, heaven or hell?

The sad truth is that many of us who are preaching or shouting holiness here
suppose to go on vacation and seek the face of God because your inner life is
nothing to write about, thats why you cant preach your life. You dont need to come
and be screaming fire and brimstone here so we can know you are filled with
holyghost. Dont come and be saying you want to be on fire here, Go express them in your secret room, go scream there and weep to the Lord and come here display
result, Enough of our childishness among so called spiritual christians, even some
people, the word they are preaching has not become FLESH totally in them, they
quickly come and post here, we say much we do little and you see another
deception is you can copy and paste a post you yourself is guilty of, the people
reading it are getting blessed God is changing there lives and you are happy you are getting nice comments, shares while your soul is rotten and decayed.WOE
UNTO YOU! HYPOCRITE no wonder we cant change life because we dont have
the life of Christ.
I have even discovered that a man can post a powerful message that will get you
on your knees and cry to God for mercy while he himself is far from heaven
because the gift of God can do that, and the gift of God in your life which is without repentance is not an evidence that you are right with God.
Few among christians really posess this life am talking about, am not talking about
sharing post or shouting holiness holiness you think am talking about that, we only
sing it in song, we dont have the holiness in our lives, many of us have character
problem in our lives. I see competition in our posts, i see pride in our post, i see too
know in our post, we lack simple christian character and brokeness and many of knows this truth deep down our heart and instead to seek the face of God, no we
wont, we must just post and share, ok then you want to post and share and go to
hell and be lost forever in flames of fire. Some are here to be preaching
denomination, you see them putting the name of their church there, there are some
even here who demonstrate spiritual pride. Sometimes one can easily tell through
your post and comments how your inner life looks like. I wont deceive myself and be coming here preaching what I dont have, Infact you
cant know all about me by just looking at my wall, I am more deeper than what you
see on my wall those who are closer to me real life knows this, infact Holy Spirit do
persuade me alot to share some things he reveal to me. I can be in my secret doing
marathon prayers and engaging in systematic study but you wont know.
Excuse me your real spiritual life positively must be deeper than what we see on your wall, thats what am talking about. When we meet you real life thats when we
know who you really are, all the one we are just doing here is just mere profession
and some profession is so empty and shallow. We dont really know who you are.
I was talking to a brother on phone one day, he is my friend on facebook and after
he talked, the Lord reveal to me that there is anger in his life and yet he will come
here and be saying holiness and you see they wont talk about that area and so many sisters here with impatient atitude, stubborn and filled with hidden pride.
If you know how the Lord looks at you, you will stop all those things you are doing
and do the needful.
Excuse me please lets get it right before its too late…
Eternity is so near, Life is too short. Do the needful

(Summary)……Please READ!!!
By Carmelo Brenes
….I had an accident in which I died. As death came over me, I felt everything
become dark. I found myself walking through a dark tunnel, and some kind of being
was taking me. While we walked in this cold and dark tunnel, I began to hear horrific screams and moans, and an intense fear was growing i
nside of me. I knew that, although my body was already dead, I was somehow still
alive in this place.
I saw large snakes moving all around, and all the people were crying out for water.
Soon we arrived at an open plateau, which had many chambers and divisions, each
contained different people inside. I began to cry out with terror, begging God for mercy. “Lord, remember my life! Have mercy!” Sheer terror was gripping my soul,
and my whole life was passing before my eyes. As we approached some door, I
shouted again, “Have mercy on me my Lord; have mercy on me! I beg you to help
me! Help me Lord!!”
We then went to a place where I saw a woman was sitting in a rocking chair. There
were still terrifying moans coming from all over that place. At first, she seemed ok, but then her body transformed into a witch, and she screamed in agony, burning in
flames. She begged for mercy, but the Lord said to me “The wages of sin is death,
and those who arrive in this place will never get out again.” (Romans 6:23)
The Lord showed me many disobedient people, many who were once part of a
Christian Church. They were crying out and begging for mercy, but there was no
mercy. Mercy could only be found while a person is still alive on Earth. Once people are dead, mercy cannot be reached anymore, as it says, “it is appointed unto men
once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27)
Jesus also showed me a place with some kind of boiling oil, and there were people
suffering inside, burning in flames and trying to get out. But demons would throw
them back in.
We walked until we came to a place with people that had once listened to the word of God, but never wanted to repent.
I also saw a missionary in Hell. He was there because he asked for money to open
a mission in Africa, but he kept half the money for himself. Now he begs for mercy
and another chance to return the money that wasn’t his. When he saw that Jesus
could not help him, he cursed Jesus.
I saw people that were once inside the church praising God. Now they only cry out for mercy for their un-repented sins, they lost their chance to repent after they died.
I saw pastors there who robbed tithes and offerings from their churches. They also
begged to undo all their bad works, but there was no more chance.
Those who die without Jesus Christ go to hell, and those who die with Jesus Christ
go to Heaven. Many people believe that dying is just stopping this existence.
(Annihilationism) But at death, your real life begins, either in God’s Glory or in everlasting condemnation and shame. (Daniel 12:2) You are making that choice
right now. We must all carefully meditate on where we will spend eternity. Do you
want to spend eternity in Hell or in God’s glory? It’s your choice.
The Road to Hell
The Lord said, “Look at this wide street.” I saw a street where a multitude of
believers were walking, and they were even carrying bibles. I saw some praying and others were singing praises.
Many Christians have some hatred or bitterness in their heart toward their
brothers; and may even skip church because of that brother. But when the pastor
asks the church, “How many of you love the Lord?” They say “Amen!” But the Bible
says that those who hate their brothers are like murders, and no murder can come
in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is written, anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, ‘Raca,’ is answerable
to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of
hell. (Matt 5:22) These brothers will deeply regret that when the Lord returns.
The Bible tells us, Do not hate your brother in your heart. Rebuke your neighbor
frankly so you will not share in his guilt. Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge
against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD. (Leviticus 19:17-18) It’s so sad when those serve the Lord, don’t make it into
Heaven. You need to seriously meditate on this and ask, “Am I ready for the Lord?
Am I really doing the will of God? Is my life pleasing to God?” You still have time to
turn your heart to God and escape Hell.
Some people don’t care about where they are going, they only want to enjoy this
life. But I tell you, spending time with Jesus, not some woman is enjoying life. Spending time in the Lord’s house, not a bar, that’s life. We need to ask God for
Mercy for those who are still waking on the road of death and sin.
In Hell, we saw many who thought they were living holy while on Earth, but now
they were just begging for mercy and another chance. My soul ached so much for
them. We saw a woman who was acting like she was reading the Word of God, and
preaching about John 3:16. She said: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal
life.” Jesus said she was there “Because she could never forgive her husband; she
never managed to forgive her husband.” (Matt 6:14-15) This woman had been
shepherding an evangelical church for 35 years, but now in Hell, she is begging for
one more chance to forgive her husband.
The bible warns us, settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to the
judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into
prison. (Matt. 5:25) and Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
(Matt. 5:7)
Forgiveness is something special, and that woman never forgave. After 35 years of
hard work for God, she lost it all in the end. Meditate on this, and make sure you forgive all. How do you want to spend eternity?
Lying to God
It might sound crazy, but many Christians wind up in Hell because of lying.
Christians often just nonchalantly lie in Church, and think nothing of it. The pastor
may ask them a question, and a member just lies to them. But we must remember
that a simple lie is what caused God to kill Ananias and Sapphira while in Church. (Acts 5:3-10)
If you’re a lukewarm Christian, backsliding, or living a double life, bow you head
right now before God, and beg for forgiveness, be willing to turn away from evil
deeds. If you don’t know Jesus, pray now, and ask Him for forgiveness, ask Him
into your heart, accept Him as your savior.
Many of us stand before the altar of God full of pride and vainglory. Many, who sing praises to God, begin to be full of pride. Many of God’s servants who preach the
word, and are used mightily by God, begin to think that they are overly important?
Many people who work in deliverance also get full of pride? I want to tell you that
God see all, and knows your heart.
We continued walking until we arrived at some a kind of waiting room. We saw a
demon that was shouting, and other demons were presenting themselves before him. Two of them were in the form of beautiful women. Their job was to destroy
ministries, and lead ministers into sin. Those who serve the Lord, must be careful of
satan’s traps. satan wants to destroy your life, and he can use those people who
are close to you, those who do not walk close to Jesus. They can be instruments of
Satan also has demons that are disguised as men. They go into churches in search for young ladies and even married women, to lead them into sin, destroying
marriages and lives.
Children in Hell
Even today, I still feel pain and terror in my soul when I remember that there are
even young children in Hell. I saw some between the ages of 12 and 14 years old.
They also regret many things they did while on earth. Many Christians ignorantly say that children can never be lost, because they are so young. But I tell you, if a
child can distinguish between good and evil, and they are not walking in the ways
of the Lord, they also can arrive in that place of torment. (Prov. 22:6)
In the bible it says “I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne,
and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. The
dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.” (Rev. 20:12) All persons that can comprehend between good and evil will
have to stand before the Lord; nothing is hidden from the eyes of the Lord.
We continued walking until we came to a place that was similar to stadium. There
were demons there laughing at lost souls. They were mocking them, and
tormenting those who were made in God’s image.
The people there desperately thirst for water, but there is none. They regret even the day they were born. But the worst feeling is for those who knew Jesus, but then
walked away from Him. If you have walked away from Jesus, if you no longer follow
His ways, today is the day to come back! Don’t be ashamed of what your friends or
anyone else may say.
You must know that just because you claim to be a Christian, you can still be
unclean before God, if you keep sinning. I was personally being used by God, but still had vainglory in my heart. (Matt 7:21-23) There is still time to repent and renew
your heart and mind.
If you’re a lukewarm Christian, backsliding, or living a double life, bow you head
right now before God, and beg for forgiveness, be willing to turn away from evil
deeds. If you don’t know Jesus, pray now, and ask Him for forgiveness, ask Him
into your heart, accept Him as your Lord. It is time for you to run to the presence of God; and look for salvation. Do not look
for a church that makes you feel good; look for a church where the Spirit of the Lord
moves and repent of all your sins! It is time for deep repentance; time to cry out to
the Lord and run to Jesus. If you have sins that you haven’t stopped, your soul is in
DANGER, because the Bible says that Jesus will come as a thief in the night, (1
Thess. 5:2) Are you ready or not? —————————————————————————-
My dear friend, why will you go to hell because of the pursuit of this world?
Because of the pressure of this world? Because of position of this world? Because
of popularity, ego, fame or possession of this world? Do you want to play so stupid
and folled by Satan that you will live how many years on earth and spend more
than 1 billion years in torment od demons and forever? You don’t want to face the shame of men but you are ready to face the shame of demons? You dont human,
temporal pain but you are ready to suffer demonic and eternal pain? Because of
money? What will you gain this life that you will loose your soul forever and ever
and ver and ever, never to see light, never to see joy, peace, ever thirsty and never
get a drop of water, urine or sweat to drink? And you want to be that stupid
Dear Christian, you have the knowledge of God, but where are you standing? You
are a Christian and sinner at the same time, you are god fearing and ungodly at the
same time, you are up and down, hot and cold Christian and worldly. You think
those things do not matter? Satan is telling to bother less about your eternity, that “it is by God’s mercy, so till then” Don’t you know that you need to settle and
surrender all now? You want to cover the sin, postpone the restitution, keeping
doing that because your pastor does not against it? You dont want to face the
shame? You need to be wise and surrender before Satan will waste in hell after all
your knowledge and serving God!
Beloved, you have experienced salvation and serving God, but that little stain of unconfessed sin, unforgiveness, hated, care of this world, that little lie, anger, etc
will now take you to hell after all your spiritual experiences and service to God?
Will you be that fool?
Let’s settle all now before it is too late. People are dying everyday without notice,
Some people were on facebook last month, read our messages, but rejected,
postponed and died. Now, no single second for a second chance. Will you allow that to happen to you? Rapture can happen any second from now and what will be
your portion? Why now settle everything now?

1 Samuel 2:12, “Now the sons of Eli were corrupt; they did not know the LORD.”
Knowing the Lord goes beyond being a Christian, knowing the Lord goes beyond
being a Christian worker, it goes beyond being an ordained Christian minister;
knowing the Lord is more than being a Pastor, Priest or Prophet; you can be any of
that and yet not know the Lord. The Bible talks about the two children of the High Priest, Eli Hophni and Phinehas, they were priests, they knew the laws of God, they
taught the laws of God, they knew the services of God, and they were busy offering
the sacrifices of the LORD and doing the services of God. These men were
anointed by the Lord has priests in Israel and they continued in the priesthood,
making the holy sacrifices of the LORD GOD of Israel. With all these positions and
performances, the Bible introduced them that they did not know the Lord. How could that? How could the Priests of the Lord not know the Lord? It is because
knowing the Lord is more than working for God.
Know the Lord is not just about being identified as a Christian; it is not about being
identified with a church, it is not about being identified as a Christian minister;
knowing the Lord goes deeper than reading Bible or being devoted into fasting and
prayer. To know the Lord is more than being a faithful Tither or giver; it is not about preaching God’s word or knowing more of God; it is not about speaking in tongues
or having the gifts of Holy Spirit; knowing the Lord is not about performing miracles
in the name of the Lord or winning souls to the Lord; knowing the Lord is more than
being an ordained ministers or being a popular man of woman of God. Hophni and
Phinehas were priests of the Lord, they were powerful, popular and performing the
works of the Lord, yet they did not know the Lord. That was the reason Jesus Christ said, “Nothing everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of
heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven” Matthew 7:21.
Your position in the church, or in Christian activities has nothing to do with your
personal encounter with the Lord.
There is difference between knowledge about God and knowledge of God. You can be a non-Christian and know many things in the Bible and about God, you can
be a Christian and have great and intensive knowledge about the word of God and
about God; you may teach and preach about God, you pray prophesy, and
experience miracles in your personal life or ministry; and yet you only know about
God. Many Christians and pastors only have knowledge about God, which is the
reason they will be disappointed on the last day. Knowledge about God is having knowledge about the Word of God, and being familiar with God, but without
personal, present and permanent relationship with God. Knowledge about
somebody is not an evidence of personal relationship with that person. You can
know many things about somebody, you can talk and describe many things about
somebody, and never have a personal relationship with the person; the same thing
is applicable in our relationship with God. Jesus says, “Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord’ have we not prophesied in
Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your
name?’ And then I will declare unto them, ‘I never know you, depart from Me, you
who practice lawlessness” Matthew 7:22
From here, you can see that it is possible that you can be a Prophet, Pastor; you
can perform deliverance for people and cast out demons in them, you can express several gifts of the Spirit without knowing the Lord presently. Same thing is
applicable to your pastors and popular ministers, performing miracles with flowing
of anointing in somebody’s life is not an evidence of present and personal
relationship with God.
Knowledge of God is knowing God and having a continuous relationship with Him! It involves relationship and continuity:
1, Relationship – To have knowledge of God is to create a cordial relationship with
God by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord, this happens by repenting from all
your sins, confessing them and forsaking them, then starting to please God in new
Life. To please God is to keep doing the will of God, and the will of God is
righteousness, truth and holiness. Matthew 7:21. 2, Continuity – knowing God is not about the past experience, but present matter. If
you have known God yesterday and pleased Him, but today you have gone back to
sin, then the knowledge of yesterday is immaterial, before God now, you do not
know Him at all. Ezekiel 18:24, “But when a righteous man turns away from his
righteousness and commits iniquity, and does according to all the abominations
that the wicked man does, shall he live? All the righteousness which he has done shall not be remembered; because of the unfaithfulness of which he is guilty and
the sin which he has committed, because of them he shall die.” So it is not about, “I
have given my life to Christ Jesus, I have experienced salvation and gifts Holy
Spirit” But are you continuously living to please God in holiness and righteousness
up to date?
You can be saved in the morning and lose the salvation in the afternoon if you do not start to walk in holiness and righteousness, if you do not start to work out your
salvation with trembling and godly fear, if you do not immediately depart from old
sinful path, and if you do not take conscious effort to detach from sinful
relationship, lifestyle, and if you do not destroy every ungodly materials, music,
movies, magazines, and other stuffs in your possessions; let alone being saved
some months or years back. So many Christians and ministers are claiming lost salvation and empty relationship with God. Relationship which you claim to have
with God without pleasing Him in holiness and righteousness is an empty
“Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you
are My disciples indeed.” John 8:31. Continuing to abide in the Word and will of
God is what makes a person a disciple of Jesus Christ indeed, and not in deception.
Have you really known the Lord in genuine salvation since you have been a
Christian or a minister? Do you still know the Lord in continuous sanctification of
life after your salvation, or you are relying on empty testimony of yesterday?

“In my former church where holiness was the watchword,but this happened.There
was a sister that got converted through me,I was training her in the ways of
godliness and she was in the Choir as well;and I was the leader of the Choir Unit
then so I could monitor her well. But I left there to lead the Ushering Unit and Christian Literature publication Units while a woman led the Choir.Times went on a
brother entered the church and was handling the instruments,after service my
daughter would be staying with him while parking the instruments.In short,a
day,she sat inside the church’s bus because she was vomitting…notknowing she
was pregnant;all attempted attempts on my part and the church to get her back to
the foot of the cross were non-personal-grata,in short,she’s is a fine sex machine now living together with the fake brother UNMARRIED,and keeps USING
PREGNANT PILLS”.Hear something today,the only thing all christians would be
doing in Heaven is SINGING,AND NOTHING AGAIN;also if the main
occupation,job,ministry of satan before and after he was hurled out of Heaven,is
SINGING,then dear singer,choirster,gospel musician,I THINK YOU ARE IN
TROUBLE IF YOU STILL LIVE IN SIN.Especially fornication is a sin that can’t but exist among choirsters;it’sas if the spirit of lucifer means to aggravatedly deal with
anybody that share his ministry with him.If you are not fornicatious in nature and
you join the choir,be careful or else some strong wicked immoral spirits may
possess you and you wont concentrate again except stare-gazing different sizes of
sisters’ buttocks.As a choirster,the day you discover you are being captured by a
sister’s voice in the Unit,and thereby thinking about her always even on the bed at night,my friend,you are already laminating your burial and hell certificates.GOD
CHERUB,that’s why satan is jealous.BE YE HOLY…
why do you think India is characterized by SONGS,TALENTED SINGERS AND
RITUALISTIC SERPENTINE DANCES they use to display?It’s because they have a
tact binded contract with Lucifer;that’s why India is the most occultic country in the world apart from California USA,Ijebu Ode NIGERIA,EgyptAFRICA, Ibadan
The India ocean is an underworldly occultic realm of demons that has even
please, if you are a Christian who likes watching Indian films,at deliverance there
must be at least 4snakes in you. Back to the Choir/Song issue,anytime you start singing,you receive the blessings
of God and the wrath of hell. SINGERS should live the best pure holy lives, but it’s
an addendum pity that the choir has the largest immoral immoralists today.

Luke 13:28 There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see
Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and
you yourselves thrust out.
Those that have died already and wasnt allowed into heaven and there in hell
already crying there, and they will cry forever. Those in hell are crying without hope, no hope again for them, they have missed
heaven, and that loss is forever.
Some of them were pastors, preachers of holiness, prophets, evangelists, teachers
but they missed it at one point or the other.
Some are there because of pride, unforgiveness, malice, wickedness, anger,
covetousness, greed, envy. Some are there because of gossiping, stealing, fornication, doing boyfriend/
girlfriend relationship, giving the glory of God to footballers, worshiping the image
of mary, believing in mohammed, believing their pastor when he is teaching false
Some are there because they refused to do their restitution, confess their sins,
remove artificial hairs ( weavon, attachments, wigs, wool etc), remove the ornaments on their body (the chains, earrings, bangles, nose rings, toe rings, rings
of all type including wedding rings and engagement rings).
Some are there because they refused to pay their tithe, help the poor and the
needy, go to church.
Some are there because they were drinking alcohol, smoking, gambling,
masturbating, romancing same sex. Some are there because the embezelled the money of the church, of the
government, of the community.
Some are there because of abortion, for marrying more than one wife, for being a
second of a third wife.
Some are there because of immoral and indecent dressing that led many into sin,
some are there because of bleaching, perfuming and painting their body. some because of worldly haircut and ungodly dressing
Some are there because of lying in business, selling fake products at original
prices, buying stolen items knowingly, sellings illegal drugs.
Some are there because of secret sins, secret evil life. Some for watching
pornography, naked pictures with their phone and laptops, romantic films, worldly
songs, unchristian hairstyles. Many more reasons why a many are there, you are going there too if you die
without repenting and embracing Jesus and His Holiness
Say Lord Jesus help me that the vanishing things of this world will not take me to
hell Amen
Song: But when you miss heaven you will cry

Oh no! My heart pant, where are the messages that set us on fire today? Where
are the message of repentance that bring tears from our eyes and draw us to
calvary? Where are the message that tell us about hell fire, remind us of the great
judgement morning, that make us tremble and afraid of the judgement to come?
Oh no where are they? Any John the baptist there to warn us to flee from the wrath to come, any Paul the Apostle there to tell us about holiness and sanctification
which without no man shall see the Lord. Any Ezekiel there to tell us If the
righteous turns back and commit iniquity all his righteousness shall not be
remembered again! Where are the Habakkuk messages that will lament and cry for
revival and ignite our prayer life, where the Joels who will proclaim a fast, tell the
people to repent and get ready for great outpouring of power. Take your prosperity message away and your eternal security away that makes us
lukewarm, take your so called Grace message away that tell us we dont need to
strive anymore to perfection, that makes us licencious, we dont need that. Do you
remember John Wesley, Charles finney? Oh no where are the messages, I mean
the one that tell us the mind of God not the one that comforts us in our sins and pet
us with God is love only distorting the picture of God!NO!, I mean the one that reminds us that faliure to restitute our ways will make us lose heaven, I mean the
one that shuns worldliness and make us hate worldly dressing and fashions
makeup with passion, am not talking of the message that encourage lust,
immorality and worldiness in ones heart. I mean the message that will break the
heart, hammer ones heart, pierce, remold and prepare one for heaven…
Oh No,, we cant find such again, its very rare, woe unto this generation, woe unto this adulterous generation, a generation of itching ears, a generation of rebellious
We hate the truth, we love deception, we do not want to hear the whole thing, even
in your so called church, they are not preaching all these I mentioned and you are
still sitting there laughing and smiling, you are senseless and on your way to hell.
I can keep on writing and writing, and continue writing and writing, where are the messages haaaaa!