There’s a fire burning in the heart of a messenger of God, the fire signifies fear.
He’s afraid because he could not see what shall come in the future, he has prayed
for clear vision yet he could not see it.
“Be at peace now and give peace to your soul, greater future is not what you will
decide, I will make my decision for tomorrow” said Lord of Host “Make good use of your today, change all that requires change now and remain
obedience till I shall send a messenger to you, a messenger of peace. He shall
overshadow you and you shall find comfort in him”.
“Many shall pray thee to come out of him but you shall chose to abide in him”.
Be courageous now and put smile in your own face with this story of a fool.
A foolish man pour a full bottle of highly contained sugar beverage into a cup, he diluted the beverage with water after that, he drink everything at once.
The man after his foolishness wrote an epistle title “I HAVE MY SUGAR LEVEL
Who do not know that the initial content of the sugar is the same thing that goes
into his body despite the dilution?
A fool can only fool himself, no one can outsmart God.


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