It is a pity seeing the world going down day after days, people don’t talk to God on
their kneel anymore, they ask God whatever they want on social media.
Some people would post on facebook saying “I want God to do a new thing in my
life today” another person will say “Show yourself in my life today Almighty God”.
Who is that God on social media that will answer your prayers? Call on God where he can hear you?
It is not fun to under estimate God. Many of you are waiting for the second coming
of Christ Jesus but you don’t prepare for it.
Stop disrespecting my God, he’s the father of our Lord Jesus Christ by hierarchy.
Nowadays pastors are not even helping matters all they show on social media is
their latest designers and they claim their serving is unto the Lord. Who are you fooling?
Many Churches shall fall in the same manner they grew. It is not a curse from me
no, but that is what will eventually happen.
A fool is better than a noble man without knowledge.

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