Blessed is the man who lives in God’s nature.
God who created the world does not live in the world, he lives faraway from the
world and he encourage you and I, his children to live above the world though we
live in the world.
You will not discover God through science or planet investigation. It is only an addicted drunkard can tell you which wine is original.
You will never know the originality of God outside God, you must be addicted to
him first.
Those who knew God closely are the only people who can tell you how sweet and
beautiful he is.
Don’t be surprise, God will not reveal his real identity to a man who want to know him but does not believe that he (God) exist.
Revelation is given to you, grace and mercy is at your disposal, follow this trumpet
of salvation, dance to the sound which proceeded from it because God’s reality
dwell in the sound.

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