No one is above mistakes most especially in this era where everyone refuse to wait
for God’s time but want God to honor their own orchestrated time.
Many marriages are not living in kind of liberty they ought to have been living in
because the union was their plan not God’s. In fact God see some marriages as
different bones who are living together, he never recognise it as marriage. The bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh might not be a member of your
place of worship so don’t be scrolled to build up a relationship with that sister or
brother simply because he or she is a member of your Church. That could be
dangerous to your future.
Most times we think we know better than God in fact some of you regarded God as
old school, what a pity? You need to know this, God time is when you less expected that it will come and
his will for you might be what you don’t like.
God created all male and female, consider the genital parts of male and female
body, are they the same?
You will end up to nothing if you haste beyond God’s plan for your life. Learn a
good lesson from the story of Adam and Eve. God’s plan for them was far better than eating fruit.
The fruit was actually meant for them but they ate it at the wrong time.
Time is precious to God and God appreciate anyone who honors time in whatever
he or she does.
Do not hurry God to answer your premature prayers, if you do, God will answer. But,
one day you will go back to him for reset and then maybe to late. God created you, why don’t you want him to control your want and desires?
I need your responds please.

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