You have to believe the account of the Holy Ghost in this era of mass destruction.
You must not neglect God now that is necessary.
The beginning of wisdom start with humility, be sober in your adversity. I can see
quantum of burden you’re carrying in your heart, you cannot say it out because
nobody will believe you. A sober dog shall get attention, you must not allow doubt in your heart.
What was your reaction to the last prayers you rendered?
You prayed to God to lift the heavy burden off thy neck but you do not believe that
God will lift it. You say to yourself, “I shall come back tomorrow and pray again”.
You have to trust in the Lord brethren, the only door to answers prayer is the
person who render the prayer. Learn patient now, pray, trust in the Lord and wait till he fulfil your demand,
repeating such prayer mean you do not believe that God have answered your
Trust and obey.


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