If things are okay with you today, it is the Lord’s doing. You know what you went
through before the breakthrough came. You can recall the number of times you
prayed; the discomfort in staying awake; the numerous Pastors that prayed with
you: the fasting – 6am to 6pm, dry fasting, white fasting etc. You also know how
long it took you to obtain the mercy of God. You could still remember how much you engaged in chain prayer before your personal heaven opened and that long
gone helper came back?
Could you remember the hatred and rejection extended to you by everyone when
things were difficult, including those who were supposed to help? Could you
remember the state of confusion and helplessness you found yourself? You
remember how your life was stagnated and how constantly, you were failing at the edge of breakthrough? You know how defenceless you became that, eachtime you
shut your eyes to sleep, spiritual attacks were your constant experience? You also
know how that sickness almost killed you even when everyone prayed? It was just
the mercy of God that delivered you. You have gone through the pain of a life
obeying the law of gravity before God intervened.
Now that it is well with you or that things are getting better, I congratulate you, but you must be on your guard so that you don’t slide into sin. You’ve been prayerful
before, but now, you are weak. You cannot even tell when last you prayed for one
hour. You used to read the Bible, interceeding for others; do you still do it? You’ve
quit alcohol before. Now, you’ve suddenly loved the taste of a beer brewed for the
youths, because they claim the alcohol content is low. You’ve not been womanising
before, but now, it doesn’t matter to you if you play with that sister so intimately, afterall, God is love. What about forsaking the assembly of the brethren? You now
see church fellowship as a distraction and waste of time. You choose whenever
you attend. It is now self righteousness.
Can you examine your life now? Is your character still the same as you were? You
were once never tired of the things of God, but now, the job you daily cried to God
for, has taken the place of your service to God. You are no longer doing many things that make God happy. You know within yourself that you are derailing from
the path of righteousness. You are no longer up and doing for God. Those worldly
songs that have gone before are now being found on your lips. They are now
becoming good for your listening pleasure. You now dedicate more time to radio
programmes on which illicit love affairs are being discussed, and to late night
movies scheduled for viewing at the hour you should be praying. Please note this fact: Those dark forces that attacked you are not dead. They left
your life because God intervened. Those evil friends or family witchcraft powers
that raged against you have been subdued truly but they can still come back if you
create the opportunity for them to do so. If you indulge in sin, you are indirectly
opening the door for devil to strike again. Devil and his agents hardly let their
captives go free yet your own case was different because God fought for you. Beloved, it was for this reason that Jesus Christ warned the man healed at the pool
of Bethesda “See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come
upon you.” May I also draw your attention to another statement of Christ in Luke
11:24 “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places,
seeking rest; and finding none, he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I
came.’ And when he comes and finds it swept and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and
dwell there; and the last state of that man is worst than the first.”(NKJV).
Beloved reader, Jesus Christ has delivered you. That is why things are getting
better for you. It is the will of God that you enjoy your breakthrough or whatever
miracle He has given you, but while enjoying it, make sure you don’t go back to
those sinful acts that previously caused your downfall, especially those common jokes you crack as pastime. You must desist from open and secret sin. I pray for
you: May you have quiet enjoyment of everything God has given you, in Jesus
name, Amen. Again, you must pray fervently to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that
you can stand against the sin that easily entangles you. You can do this by re-
dedicating your life to Jesus.
Are you willing to do this? Please say this short prayer: “Lord Jesus, I come to You today. I have wandered from the path of righteousness but I trust in Your power of
redemption. I forsake my wrong way of life today. Be my personal Lord and saviour.
Help me to live a new life that is in You so that I may reign with You at Your second
coming. Thank You for answering my prayer, Amen.”
Please note that, giving your life to Jesus does not end with making this
confession. You must start attending and functioning in a church regularly from now on. While we shall not recommend a particular church, may the Holy Spirit
lead you to choose a church where the word of God is preached undiluted. May
God bless you as you so. Dear reader, we believe we may never meet you again in
life but it is our wish to always send our tracts to you. Every week, we mail online
tracts to our numerous readers on different topics.

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