Fasting is one issue that has generated so much controversy among men of God
yet it is one of the avenues by which a Christian is empowered. There are men of
God who do recommend fasting and prayer. There are those who will tell you that
Jesus Christ had fasted for you for forty days and forty nights so you don’t have to
fast again; yet there are those who will ask you to pay them money so that they may help you to do your fasting. Many television evangelists these days, will
always tell you, “Don’t fast. Just confess the word of God” But in truth, should a
christian fast at all? Is fasting of any relevance when prayers and praises can get
us answers from God? If fasting without prayer amounts to hunger strike, should
there still be any need to fast?
My dear reader, there’s need for fasting. In the book of Mark 9:29, through the healing of a boy with an evil spirit, Jesus Christ told us that, some problems cannot
go unless by prayer and fasting. It implies that, the victim must engage in fasting
before his problem can be solved. His Pastor, brother, friend or anyone close to him
can also help him but it must not be commercialised. Money must not be paid. The
moment money is paid for someone to help another person to fast, it is no longer in
conformity with biblical injunctions. If anyone preaching anywhere is telling you that you don’t need fasting, it’s either he’s not knowledgeable enough or he’s
deceiving you outrightly.
There are different kinds of fasting. There is Dry fasting, the type you eat nothing
at all for 24 hours or more. There’s 6am to 6pm fasting, and therethe is Whitethe
fasting – the type you break with fruits. Whenever you fast, you are humbling
yourself before God. When you subject yourself to such condition, you are equally punishing the demons assigned to your problem. If there’s need to fast before a
problem can go, it is because there are demons assigned to such problem. Such
demons feed directly on human beings. If you have a problem that demands
fasting at all cost, please note that the demons in charge of your problem are
feeding on you directly. If you eat; they eat. If you drink; they drink. When you eat
nothing for some time and you back it up with prayers, they will have no choice than to flee. It is when they flee that we obtain our deliverance and share
However, devil knows that, if you are able to fast and pray, you will defeat him. So
he usually employ the service of invincible cheats to stop you. Invincible cheats are
spirits of darkness or human agents that normally create one inhibition or the
other, to stop you from fasting. One of the strategies they normally use to stop you from fasting, is by making you to feel weak.
Beyond that, if you had a dream while fasting and you saw yourself drinking cold
water, it is an attack to weaken you or to stop you from continuing with the fasting.
If also, you are given injection in your dream while fasting, it is an arrow of
weakness. If you drink yoghurt or any liquid substance or you ate food in your
dream, it is meant to weaken you. Note again, that, you may have any of these evil dreams mentioned few days to or on the day of commencement of your fasting.
Whether it comes while fasting or before, please be prepared to pray fervently, and
ensure you have your bath at intervals. Nevertheless, I will advise you to pray
ahead before the day of your fasting.
Again, enemy may stop you from fasting by making you to forget completely that
you are on fasting. This may sound funny to you. Have you experienced a situation where you collected a junk food like snacks or biscuits or soft drinks from
somebody and after putting a little quantity in your mouth, you suddenly remember
that you are fasting? It happens mistakenly so that you are unable to continue with
the fasting; but the truth is, it is an attack. For this reason and many more, the Bible
says watch and pray. Don’t just pray. Be watchful.
Anger or provocation may be another strategy enemy may use to attack you while you are fasting. You may suddenly get angry over a little matter. Someone may
also come to look for your trouble. Be watchful please. Devil may not feed you in
your dream to weaken you and stop you from fasting. He may just send a
disrespectful sub-ordinate or an abusive person.
There is another strategy these agents of darkness normally use to stop people
from fasting. It is so funny that you may take it as a joke. There may be times you will be on fasting, and suddenly, the aroma of a delicious food will just fill the air
around you. You may be far from a place cooking is done yet the aroma will just
A Pastor had an experience like this on a prayer mountain where no cooking is
done. He had prayed for about three days out of seven. Suddenly, from nowhere,
aroma of food just filled the air around him. At that same time, he began to feel hungry more than before. He almost broke the fast because he couldn’t
concentrate any longer.
One truth about this form of attack is that, you will experience it when answer to
your prayer is at hand. It is more of an eleventh hour destructive strategy. If you go
for food at such time, you may forfeit answers to your prayers.Dear reader,
perhaps, at one point in life, you might have experienced this and you might have thought that the aroma came from your neighbour’s kitchen. Please wake up. It’s
not your neighbour’s pot. The powers bringing such aroma are around you but you
can’t see them. They are invincible cheats. They have seen your miracle ahead.
They know it’s almost getting to you. That is why they are adopting such strategy.
Please rise up and pray more. Rebuke the aroma. It is one of the wiles of the
enemy. Another strategy of the enemy is that, you may fast but may not pray. This is also a
common occurrence. Devil normally manipulates this way to rubbish fasting. You
will fast but will be weak to pray or you may be sleeping when you should pray.
Fasting without praying is like going on hunger strike. It is better not to fast than to
fast and not pray.
Fasting gets you focused. Prayer is the main arrow (the weapon). If you are merely focusing on your enemy without shooting an arrow, how would you defeat him?
Whenever you are fasting and you find it hard to pray, please note that, the enemy
is the one attacking you. For this reason, the Bible says ‘Pray without ceasing’. The
book of James 5:16 also say “The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails
much”. Jesus Christ never said you should only fast. No! Mark His word in the book
of Mark 9:29 “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting”. So, if you are fasting and not praying, it is hunger strike – an effort in futility.
One other strategy of the devil is to make you look worried, tired or pale. If you are
fasting and it’s showing on your face, it is not good at all. You are likely to be
checking the clock every hour to know whether the time to break the fast is close
by. When you give people cause to be asking what the matter is, due to the
expression on your face, you are no longer fasting. Whenever you fast, it must not show on your face and you must not look worried.
Consider the admonition of Jesus Christ in Mathew 6:16 – 18 “Moreover, when you
fast, do not be like the hypocrites, with a sad countenance. For they disfigure their
faces that they may appear to men to be fasting. Assuredly, I say to you, they have
their reward. But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, so that
you do not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly” (NKJV).
One more strategy of the devil is to bring discouragement whenever you are
fasting. Friends are likely to tell you that you are just disturbing yourself. They may
even recommend a prophet somewhere. They may remind you of a person whose
situation was similar to yours yet he got healing from an herbalist somewhere. If
you pay too much attention to their counsel, you may be discouraged to continue with the fasting.
Again, the preaching of some modern day Pastors may get you discouraged. There
are Pastors who claim that you don’t need to fast. They believe that fasting is not
necessary. To them, all you need is faith. The moment you have faith like a grain of
mustard seed, you will overcome any evil. Yes! That’s true but there are some
problems that demand fasting. Some Pastors will even say that Jesus Christ has fasted for mankind, having done
it for forty days and forty nights. Well, it may interest you to know that Christ
Himself said in Mark 9:29 “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and
fasting”. If fasting was not important, He wouldn’t have made this statement.
Lastly, enemy may attack your fasting by making your situation critical even when
you are fasting. You may embark on prayer and fasting because of a particular problem. Instead of getting good result, the case may become worse. And you may
be so disturbed that, you may begin to ask yourself “Why am I even fasting when
this situation is getting worse, inspite of the prayers?” Your testimony is close to
you when this is happening.
I remember the case of a man whose son has epilepsy. The man fasted and
prayed. Believing that God had answered him, he came out in church to give testimony and asking people to shout Alleluia. But while sharing the testimony at
the altar, devil struck again. The boy fell down and began to foam from his mouth.
It was an embarrassing scene. It will be by the grace of God for such a man to think
of fasting and praying again.
Again, there was a story of a married woman who had a spirit husband that used to
make love to her whenever she was sleeping. She went for a deliverance programme to dislodge the spirit husband. But on the second day of the dry
fasting, while she was seriously praying and sweating at the Prayer ground, the
spirit husband appeared and made love to her there. She got tired and was crying.


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