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Please pay attention to this story because you too might have been asking God for
a particular thing from January up to this moment and it may seem answer is not
Mr Augustine met me sometime in July 2015. He was owed some money by some companies he executed projects for. He looked disturbed because he had prayed
over the payment several times. He was gradually getting discouraged when he
met me. I drew his attention to the question Jesus Christ asked His disciples in the
book of Luke 22:35, “When I sent you out without purse, bag or sandals, did you
lack anything?” His disciples answered ‘We lacked nothing”. Mr Augustine couldn’t
see any correlation between what I said and his unpaid money. Then I asked him “Do you know why Jesus asked this question?” He replied in the negative. At that
point, I read the book of Mark 16:15 to him where Jesus said “Go into the entire
world and preach the good news to all creation…” (NIV). Hello reader, you may be
amused by what I am telling you but you cannot doubt its result.
Now let us x-ray the instruction Jesus gave his disciples when he sent them out
“Take nothing for the journey except a staff – no bread, no bag, no money in belts. Wear sandals but not an extra tunic.” These instructions show clearly that the
disciples left empty. They had nothing on them when they were sent out for
evangelism. But they came back telling Christ that they lacked nothing. God took
care of their needs. Then I turned to Mr Augustine and said “If you do the work of
God, He will take care of your needs. You will lack nothing, not even your payment.
Let your will be in His will.” Mr Augustine looked at me in a manner that says “Do you really understand my situation? How can evangelism pay the money owed to
me? But I replied him “The apostles left with nothing yet they came back satisfied.
Do this for God first, and see what He will do in return. If you can evangelise the
word of God, you will not lack the payment of your money.” Reluctantly, he obeyed.
When he was about to start the evangelism, I told him to take his mind off the
payment and concentrate on the soul winning exercise. He did so; and he went about sharing tracts. He did it everyday for a whole month.
Surprisingly, within the one month of evangelism, the companies owing him called
him and paid his money. His result was outstanding. He never believed that, what
could not be achieved by prayer could be possible through evangelism. That
miracle remained a big puzzle to him till today.
My dear reader, your case may not be similar to Mr Augustine’s. You may not be owed money. It may be something else. You might have been praying for long. I
want you to believe that, with evangelism, victory is sure for you. Evangelism
proffers solution to any situation that defies prayer. I don’t know what your
situation is. Is your business not moving or you don’t have a job? Are you indebted
to people or, as a lady, you have no suitors coming your way? Is yours delay in
conception or total barrenness? Is your mother –in-law and your husband’s family members making life difficult for you? Are you tormented by spirit husband or spirit
wife? Is your case infirmity (in form of sickness?) Is it the case of your stubborn
child or your promiscuous husband who goes after anything in skirt, including your
Househelp? Are you having witchcraft attacks or marine powers refuse to let you
go? Whether you have prayed over these issues or not, please endeavour to
embark on evangelism. Evangelism is of various kinds. You may go from house to house preaching. It may be one person per day or in your office. You may share
tracts or may preach verbally anywhere (in your car, in commercial buses, in your
office etc). You may also wish to forward the online version of the Save Souls
tracts via e-mail to your loved ones or share the tracts on the social networks like
Facebook, Whatsapp etc, as a means of evangelism. I joined many groups on
Facebook (over 100 groups). I post online tracts to each of the groups everytime. You can do the same. It is not a must that you should be the one writing the tracts;
but if God wants you to be writing the tracts, the Holy Spirit will direct you to do so
and will also empower you. If also, God wants you to go into full time ministry, He
will make it known to you and will back you up; but evangelism is the duty of every
Christian. It is the key that opens all doors.

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