Naomi is a nineteen year old girl. She has been seeking admission into university
for three years. Whenever she dreams, she sees herself gaining admission but
whenever she tries to enter the university gate, a masquerade will emerge from no
where with a long cane and chase her away. She would pick her bag and books and takes to her heels.
She has been having this dream since she was sixteen. In reality, she would meet
the cut off mark for her preferred course. But she would be denied admission while
candidates that score below the cut off would be admitted. It has happened like
this for three years. While her colleagues are in their third year, she remained at
home. A dream like this is common these days. People that are having similar nightmarish
experience are many. I heard of a person who dreamt that someone snatched his
pen from his hand. Two months after the dream, he lost his job.
A lady also had a dream that robbers invaded her house and stole just one thing –
her wedding gown. That dream caused the break up of her eight – year old
marriage. Someone again, complained sometime ago, that whenever he dreamt, he used to
see himself in his village playing with villagers and sometimes at the primary
school he left several years ago, writing exams that he never finished and never
And there are people who said whenever they sleep; they relish all manners of
delicacies in their dreams. They eat different kinds of delicious food (demonic food) and even take drinks. Such evil consumption either makes them to face
rejection and hatred or creates health complications that medical doctors always
find very hard to diagnose its cause, even if they carry out surgical operation on the
Again, a man complained that whenever payments were to be made to him, he
would just have robbery attack in the dream and everything he has will just be carted away. In the physical, the payment due to him may be postponed or denied.
And if it’s business, he would forfeit the opportunity just like that. The same man
also said that, sometimes, he used to dream and see himself fetching water into a
basket. This of course, will turn out to be profitless hard labour.
Dear reader, most of the battles we face in life start at midnight. And those
responsible are evil powers. What they do is to summon your spirit when you are sleeping. They will wait for you to sleep and then, summon your spirit to attack you.
Whatever they do to your spirit while you are sleeping will manifest in the physical.
That is why; if you fight in your dream, you may wake up seeing bruises on your
body or sometimes, you may not even know until you pour water on your body in
the bathroom.
Most of the sickness and deadly diseases people talk about today are arrows fired into human lives whenever they are sleeping. Cancer, diabetes, paralysis etc do
find their way into human lives most times when they are sleeping. There was a
case of a woman who saw herself breast – feeding a baby in the dream. Strangely,
while sucking her breast, the baby fastened his teeth to her nipple and bit it. The
pain was so much in the dream till she woke up. She rubbed an ointment and she
got relief. But about three weeks later, she noticed a lump on her breast, at that very spot. It grew quickly. Due to series of television commercials advising women
to go for medical check up if they notice a lump on their breast, she went to
hospital for consultation. It was diagnosed that she had breast cancer. Dear
reader, it all started while she was sleeping. It is for this reason that our Lord Jesus
Christ said in the book of Mathew 13:25, “While men slept, his enemy came and
sow tares among the weath and went his way” I pray for you: May you not be a victim of arrow of the night, in Jesus name. I pray again, every evil plantation of the
night troubling your health, I plead the blood of Jesus to purge it out of you, in
Jesus name. Please, no matter how tired you are, endeavour to always say your
night prayer. May I even inform you that the enemy that wants to attack you is the
one making you to get tired so that you may treat night prayer with levity mind, and
that will make it easy for him to strike you. Many attacks and manipulations go on at night. Enemies will wait for your unguarded hour, that is, a time when you will fail
to pray. In order to achieve their aim, they can manipulate you not to pray. They
can manipulate you to be watching television (late night movies) instead of
praying. They can manipulate you to be browsing at night when ordinarily, you
should be praying. Another strategy is to make you think of praying silent prayer
while on your bed, and gradually, you may just dose off. Each time you don’t pray before going to bed, you expose yourself to attacks. Payments owed and/or
business successes are attacked while sleeping. Even, some court judgments are
manipulated before dawn.
Whenever evil powers package bad dreams for you, an opportunity to move
forward has been destroyed. That evil powers have access to your spirit shows that
your spirit is weak. Naomi, the young girl whose case is discussed had three years of her life wasted
on fruitless admission exercise because her spirit was weak. Although, she
overcame the problem at last.
How did she do it? She prayed the set of prayers below. If you say the prayers
below, you cannot have evil dreams. This is because each of the prayer points is
based on the word of God. Jesus Christ said in the book of John 6:63 that the words He spoke are spirit and life. Each of these prayer points is backed up by the
spirit of Christ.
Have you been held down by these powers? Are they tormenting you in any way?
When you say the prayers below, your spirit will be empowered and no evil
personality can come near you in your dreams.
But you cannot say the prayers and achieve result if you have not given your life to Jesus. Naomi gave her life before saying the prayer. That was why she shared
testimony. Are willing to share testimonies of victory over evil dreams, then, give
your life to Christ by making this confession whole-heartedly.
‘Lord Jesus, I thank You because You are the mighty man in battle. Powers of the
night are tormenting my life, but I have read in Your word in John 14:27 that Your
peace You gave to me; not as the word gives. I can’t enjoy your peace whenever I am sleeping if I don’t surrender my life to You. This is why I have come to renounce
my old way of life today. Forgive me my iniquities. Be my personal Lord and Saviour
and help me to live a new life. Thank You for answering my prayer, Amen.’
Please note that, giving your life to Jesus is not complete with making this
confession. You must start attending a church from now on. You must also
endeavour to join a group in the church and attend their baptismal or foundation class. While we will not recommend a particular church, may the Holy Spirit lead
you to choose a church where the word of God is preached undiluted. May God
bless you as you so.

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