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Have you been cheated before? Has anyone denied you of your benefit and you
pleaded with him yet he refused to release it! Can you still recall how hurting the
experience was? You complained, you murmurred, and you fought back. You even
sought for redress from appropriate authorities, but all to no avail. Each time you remember, you feel like seeking revenge yet you know that vengeance is of the
Lord. Are you giving up the fight or have you given up completely and now nursing
the pain?
Well, you won’t be the first to be cheated. Many have got the same treatment
before. But one assurance you should have from now on is that, God will fight for
you. He will go to any length to claim your benefits for you. He can even bypass protocol or change the entire law of this country for your sake, if you would cry to
Him. You don’t believe this? You think your case is too critical and cannot be
resolved? You think your benefits are long gone and cannot be reclaimed? Well,
our God is a God of restoration. He is the restorer of lost benefits. In the book of
Numbers 27:1-6, He changed the law of a whole country just because He wanted
to restore the inheritance of five ladies who had been cheated. The five daughters of a man called Zelopehad were denied inheritance due to the
governing law in Israel, which disallowed giving any share of the properties of a
deceased to his female children. In those days, if a man died and had no male
children, the law stated that, his inheritance must not be given to his female
children but such can pass to his family members. The daughters of Zelophehad
felt cheated. Why should they go wretched while family members that never laboured with their father in his lifetime inherit his properties? They complained to
Moses and he took their case to God.
In response to their request, listen to what God said in verse six of Numbers twenty
seven “And the Lord spoke to Moses ‘…the daughters of Zelophehad had spoken
what is right; you shall surely give them a possession of inheritance among their
father’s brothers, and cause the inheritance of their father to pass to them. And you shall speak to the children of Israel, saying: If a man dies and has no son, then
you shall cause his inheritance to pass to his daughter”. Through the petition of the
daughters of Zelophehad, God changed the entire law governing inheritance in
Israel. He can do the same for you in any situation you have been cheated, if you
cry to Him.
Have you been denied your rightful benefit at anytime? Have you been denied promotion in your office just because you know no one at the top? Do they say you
have no requisite academic qualification even when you are better off in
experience? God will fight for you if you call on Him. Have they told you in your
family that you are a bastard and that you are not entitled to inheritance? Is your
husband disproving the paternity of your child? God can convince him and
normalise the situation. That land you bought and they re-sold it to another person; God can reclaim it for you. The money you lent out and they refused to pay back;
God can get it for you. He can touch whoever owes you to pay back. The goods you
paid for through somebody but were neither delivered nor your money refunded,
God can get them for you. Have you served a master in a particular trade, and,
instead of settling you by establishing a business for you, he accused you of an
offence you never committed and sent you away? God can arrest his mind and claim your benefits for you. Have you also engaged in partnership business and
they refused to give you your own share of the profit or have you been short-
changed? God can claim your portion for you.
Don’t bother to make further reports. You have reported that fellow who cheated
you to elders; to friends; to associations and unions that could talk to him, but
nothing came out of it. Those who promised to take up your case merely ate your money. You would recall that, you also reported the matter to the Police. You
engaged the service of a lawyer with lump sum of money, to seek redress in court,
but it all turn out fruitless. The endless adjournments plus the twists and turns in
court frustrated you so much that you considered giving up on the case. Now you
seek who to talk to but no one. Please stop running to human beings for help.
They’ll only give promises. Don’t be surprised that those who are in position to help may turn deaf ears on you. The Bible says in Proverbs 29:26 ‘Many seek the ruler’s
favour, but justice for man comes from the Lord’.
There is an advocate that can help you out. He will fight for you and you will hold
your peace. As a matter of fact, He is the Prince of Peace. The Bible says He is the
only way by which you can get justice. He is also the truth because He won’t
deceive you. He doesn’t deal in deceit at all. He is the peaceful life you are searching for. He is a trusted companion. Although, God promised in Jeremiah
30:10 to save you from afar and your seed from the land of their captivity, but no
one gets such help from God except through the advocate. The advocate is so nice
that He doesn’t even charge money for His service. All He is saying is, ‘Come onto
me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden. I will give you rest.’ He was the one who
reclaimed the benefits of the five daughters of Zelophehad for them in the book of Numbers 27:1-6. Do you know the truth? If you will obey His call, you will have rest
from all your troubles. His name is Jesus Christ.
Are you willing to give your life to Him? Say this short prayer: “Lord Jesus, I come to
you today. Human beings have cheated me. It pained me so much that I ran after
those who could help me but no one helped. I have heard that, power to reclaim
lost benefits belongs to God alone but I must seek you and accept you into my life because it is written ‘… no one comes to the father except through You (Jesus
Christ).’ I’ve come to give my life – my totality to you today. I confess you as my
personal Lord and saviour. Let your precious blood which You shed for my sins
cleanse me from all iniquities and transform me to know only You as God, and to
start a new life that is in You, Amen.”
Please note that, giving your life to Jesus does not end with making this confession. You must start attending a church from now on. While we will not
recommend a particular church, may the Holy Spirit lead you to choose a church
where the word of God is preached undiluted. May God bless you as you so. Again,
we believe we may never meet you in person again in life, but it is our wish to
always send our tracts to you. Every week, we mail the online version of our tracts
on different topics to our numerous readers. If you want to be receiving the online version of our tracts weekly, please make a request


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