Pls learn from this story and share:
Brazil and Paraguay are two South American countries that share the same border.
From Paraguay, you can go to Brazil on foot. They are as close as Nigeria and the
Republic of Benin or Nigeria and the Republic of Cameroon. There was a story of
an Evangelist who preached to a certain man as they trekked from Paraguay to Brazil.
The evangelist spent hours preaching, trying to convince the man to give his life to
Christ. The man did not yield nor did he pay attention to him. This happened while
they were still in Paraguay; but the moment they crossed into Brazil, the evangelist
preached to the same man again. Surprisingly, the man turned to the preacher,
listened to him and knelt down for prayer and gave his life to Christ. What do you think caged the mind of that man? In simple language; Territorial
powers. These are powers that govern the place we reside. They are powers that
possess the land upon which we built our houses or powers that possess the
apartment we rented. They are demons or idols that in control of an area.
Among other things, your progress in life depends largely on the place you reside.
Your place of abode should be a place the blessing of God can penetrate. It should be a place no thorn will choke your prayers. It should be a place no Prince of Persia
resides. It should be a place your ordained helpers will not be discouraged from
meeting you. In short, your location determines your promotion.
The progress of many people is retarded today by the location they choose to live
in. although, not every house is bad. There are good houses that will aid your
progress; and there are demonic houses where nothing good thrives – no success is ever recorded in such house and no good thing that goes in there lasts.
Also, there are good communities where you can build your house and live in
peace. And there are fetish communities that strangers who built houses in them
are regretting, and they would have loved to lift their houses from such vicinity if it
was possible.
The regretful situation has forced some house owners to rent out their houses and relocate to places they consider less fetish. Please consider someone’s experience
‘I’ve been living in a house for twelve years and things have not been going
smoothly. We have common kitchen and common bathroom and toilet. I’ve been
praying to God to open my eyes to the secret of my problem. Around 3:30am one
morning, I woke up from bed and went to the toilet to ease myself. Suddenly, I noticed the bathroom’s door was open and as I passed by its front to the toilet, I
saw the Landlord’s wife in a strange manner. She put a basket into the bathroom
and entered into it.
She stood inside the basket and was having her bath. She would pour water on her
body and the water would flow down to her legs and out through the basket. I was
scared. The hair on my body stood still. I shivered. She was shocked because she never thought anyone could wake up at such time. I knew God had answered my
prayer to have made me to witness that scene.’
You can imagine what the progress of the occupants of such will be. Other
residents will have their bath in the same bathroom. When someone lives in such a
house, demonic forces will govern nearly all human activities. The demons will
control the affairs of users of such bathroom. The demons will control their senses; shape their thoughts and manipulate their actions.
They will work and earn money but may not be able to account for any tangible
thing they use the money for. They may notice that whenever they bring money
into the house, they usually find it hard to explain what they use it to do. Every
move they make to stop bringing money home will fail.
For example: If they decide to always take their money to bank and bring home little amount they will need for domestic expenses, something may just happen
and they won’t be able to visit the bank. They may be stuck in traffic and may get
to bank behind schedule or they may receive a call to come to a place or they may
just get tired and may decide to go the following day. All these are demonic
The moment they take the money home, they may begin to spend from it. They may say that they will not touch it but someone may just come and borrow it. They
may also feel like changing some notes, and from little change, they will begin to
spend it gradually.
There was a case of a man living in such evil house. Whenever he was unable to
go to bank for deposits, he would keep his money in his car with the intention of
taking it to bank the following day and he will go into his house and sleep. But by himself, he would drive the vehicle to work and up and down without depositing the
money in the bank. He would merely think of depositing money; he won’t carry it
out because demons are manipulating.
The effect of this manipulation on the tenants will be numerous. There will be
profitless hard labour. Ordained helpers may come but may pass them by. There
will be stagnancy; there will be costly mistake, especially on their job. Life will become unbearable.
Also, tenants in such a house will only boast of old home appliances; and the
moment any of the appliances packs up, fixing it becomes a big challenge. There
will be acidic poverty. They won’t like their condition but there’s nothing they can
do about it. They will wish to pack out but there will be no money. Whenever they
have money, there will be no good accommodation or the house that may be available may be an uncompleted building which they may not have money to
complete. Sometimes, they may fall victims to dubious estate agents.
Such tenants are always the ones telling stories about their neighbourhood. They
can tell you how the neighbourhood was when they packed in. They can point to
their surroundings and tell you ‘This house was not here when we packed in’. ‘We
were here when they laid the foundation of that house’. The funny thing is that, the houses they are referring to will be old houses; which
means, they have stayed very long in the neighbourhood. They have become old
tenants or Chief tenants. They could tell when landlord’s children were born and
when each of them got married.
Atimes, a demonic house may have this funny characteristic – the landlord may be
generous to tenants. Now, please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying there are no good landlords, neither am I saying when your landlord is good to you, he means
evil. No! That’s not what I am saying. Your landlord may not be behind your
problem. It may be someone else. But the point discussed here is that, when your
landlord keeps you in bondage by helping you, you need to sit up and pray.
Things were okay with some people before they packed into the present place they
are. The moment they moved in, things changed for the worse. Imagine this statement ‘Since we moved in here, our landlord has been nice to us. He doesn’t
trouble us over rent issue. We don’t buy water; he gives us free of charge. He uses
his generator to pump the water. The day we bought fuel and gave it to him to
support him, he didn’t collect it. He said we shouldn’t bother.
He allows me to use his parking space. He permits me to use his car. He lends me
money sometimes. He preaches Christ to me and my family sometimes and would invite me to his church at other times. When my wife was sick, he bought drugs for
her. Even, when my wife gave birth, the landlord’s wife was supportive. She was
the one who bathed the baby and my wife.
Our landlord and his wife have been very supportive to us. They make sure we lack
nothing. But one thing I noticed is that, since we packed in here, things have not
been okay with us. My work has been going on fine. My wife’s business has packed up. Payments owed to me have not been paid but it’s not showing because, ever
since, my landlord has been taking care of us’
This is a sincere statement of a tenant. You may be lucky to have a good landlord
who would be doing all these with good mind. Congratulations, if you have such.
There are still many good landlords around. Yes, there are God-rearing house
owners. But I will advise you to be prayerful because there are bad landlords also. If you are unfortunate to be a tenant of ‘the other landlord’, any good gesture he
renders to you may be mere cover-ups. He may be stealing your virtue and will also
be nice to you. This is always a terrible situation because tenants in such house
hardly believe that their place of abode is their problem. Even if you tell them, they
will not believe. They won’t also believe that they have a problem.
They may be seeing such house owner as an angel. Even when they discover that the house is their problem, the benefits they are getting from there will make them
to be unwilling to pack out. They will be like slaves that love their chains. You only
need to pray God to open your eyes to understand things going on in your
surroundings. And I pray for you that, our God, to whose eyes everything is naked
and open, will reveal to you, all that you need to know in your area, in Jesus name,
Amen. Again, if you are praying not to become a victim of evil landlords, I think you should
also pray against evil tenants. There are devilish tenants that can make a house
demonic. A God-fearing person may build his house and let it out to tenants. But
there may be evil tenants that will inhabit the house with idols. If such powers
begin to disturb other tenants, they will start calling the innocent landlord names.
And if the landlord gets tired of false accusation and ejects everyone of them, the house would have been given a bad label already.
There was a case somewhere in which a tenant brought in charms that were so
powerful that even the house owner couldn’t stay in his house. All tenants that
packed in there lost their means of livelihood. Those who had cars before they
moved in there sold their cars and began to live in abject poverty.
Even after the evil tenant was ejected, the house remained a desolate place where nothing thrives and nothing good could spring out from. Today, nobody talks about
the evil tenant that once stayed there. Everyone talks of the innocent landlord as
an evil person.
I lived in a house some years back. There was a woman who would wake up at the
dead of the night (around 1: am). She would sweep the door post of every tenant in
the house and park the sand for like four times I caught her. It took time before other tenants could believe me. The landlord was dead. His children were not
staying there but there was an adversary in form of a tenant who was impeding the
progress of other tenants. When other tenants began to have problems, they
called the landlord’s children all sorts of names.
Please pray God to open your eyes about your co-tenants. Pray to God concerning
your house and even your office or shop, if you are a business owner. I pray God to reveal hidden and secret things to you in Jesus name, Amen. Again, there are
demonic communities that one shouldn’t even attempt to buy a land or build
house. There are communities that have been so fetish in the past that they shed
human blood.
There are also communities that have been dedicated to idols and deities. Such
deities may stretch settlers to a limit before they progress. Please let God direct you. Seek divine guidance on your voice of location before buying a land or before
acquiring a property.
Another one is demonic office. There are office complexes that those who have
businesses in there will only labour but there will be no result. Their vehicles may
be breaking down and generators may pack up. If you have a business there, you
may get to work in the morning and suddenly get tired to carry out the day’s task. Customers or clients may not come; and those of them owing you may not redeem
their debts. Office appliances may be getting defective and may be mal-functioning
, for no reason. Computers may crash. Engineers may say it’s power pack problem
or mother board or windows problem or hard disk.
Computer files may suddenly get missing or may suddenly get corrupt or you may
not remember the name with which you saved a particular data. And even if you remember, it may not open yet it may preview on your system. Once these are
happening repeatedly, you are in a demonic zone.
Before proceeding, please note that this tract is packaged weekly by Save Souls
International (an evangelistic outreach). You may wish to request for our weekly
tracts by forwarding your request to ; +234 (0) 810 777
9198. Please continue reading. Again, you may just notice dead cockroaches everywhere yet you sprayed no
insecticide. You may not know where cockroaches are coming from. There may be
occasions where rats may destroy documents well kept in file cabinets. How they
got into the cabinet, you will not be able to explain. They may not chew the hard
files from the edges. They may punch big holes in the middle so that the
documents will become totally useless. All these are symptoms of demonic presence.
Once you notice any of these symptoms, it is time to spend quality time before God
in prayer. This is why it is better to pray very well before acquiring property or
before renting a shop or an office so that you don’t walk willfully into bondage.
My dear reader, if you are facing any of these situations, there is solution. And if
you don’t believe that the place you reside is contributing to your problem, cry to God to open your eyes. Perhaps, by divine revelation, if you discover that the place
you reside is a demonic area, please increase the tempo of your prayer. Don’t just
pray; you must make arrangements to pack out of such vicinity.
Success cannot locate some places. There are times God Himself will ask a person
to leave a particular location. He did it to Abraham; to the Prophet Elijah and to
Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. Matthew 2:13 says “Now when they had departed, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying,
‘Arise, take the young child and His mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I
bring you word; for Herod will seek the young child to destroy Him’”.
If God could send an angel to Joseph asking him to take Jesus and flee to Egypt,
then you should know that there may be a time it will be necessary to change
location. However, if you live in a rented apartment, it is easy to talk of relocating. That’s if
you have money. But if you don’t have money and there’s need to relocate; you will
need to pray more because powers ruling that environment may obstruct every
move you make to get money. Whether you rented your house or you built it,
please imbibe the attitude of anointing the place periodically. You must also be
prepared to anoint your office and every appliance or tool you use in the office, like computers, printers, air – conditioners etc.
To your physical eyes, the ground of your office premises is well cemented but it
may be full of grass in the spirit realm. To your eyes, the ground of your house
compound may be neat, but it may be full of human faeces in the spirit realm.
Also, endeavour to be prepared to pray and fast specially for your house and office.
Use the word of God to pray. Do it, at least once a month or a quarter. Please try to engage in 6am to 6pm fasting. Do everything the Bible says in the book of 2nd
Chronicles 7:14. Let’s read it “If My people who are called by My name will humble
themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will
hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
In this passage, God says you should pray and seek His face and turn from your
wrong ways. Turning from your wrong ways means giving your life to Jesus. May I ask, have you accepted Jesus Christ into your life? The first step towards healing
your land or office or apartment is to surrender your life to Jesus. Make this short
confession faithfully if you are willing to give your life to Him
“Lord Jesus, I know that my abode is inhabited by demons. I come to you today. I
believe you died and shed your blood for the remission of my sins. Your blood can
wash my abode clean. That is why I come to you today. Please forgive me. I renounce my way of life today and I accept you as my personal Lord and savior.
Help me to live a new life that is in You. Thank you for answering my prayer,
If you have made this confession with the whole of your heart, be rest assured that
the prayer points below will help you.
PRAYER POINTS 1. O Lord, Your word says in Jeremiah 33:3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and
show you great and mighty things which you do not know.’ Father, open my eyes to
see what I should see in my surroundings in Jesus name.
2. O Lord, as You did to the apostles in the book of Luke 24:45, open up my mind so
that I can understand everything you are telling me about my office or everything I
have been seeing everyday but which I have not understood, in Jesus name. 3. O Lord, according to the book of Hebrews 4:13, everything is naked and open to
your eyes, expose to me, every benefit I have been enjoying to the detriment of my
glory, in Jesus name.
4. O Lord, according to Psalm 139, darkness and light are the same before You. O
God, expose every spiritual exchange coming to me in form of assistance, in Jesus
name. 5. Holy Ghost fire, consume every satanic veil covering my eyes from seeing the
dark secrets in my house; in my shop; in my office and in my church, in Jesus name.
6. Power that pathed the Red sea; break every spiritual barricade blocking me from
packing out of my present place of abode, in Jesus name.
7. O Lord my restorer, arrest every power spending my money with me in Jesus
name. 8. Evil stronghold on my finances, lose your grip in Jesus name.
9. Father! Speak peace to the storm raging in my house.
10. O God, make my place your habitation and deliver me from territorial powers, in
Jesus name.
11. Blood of Jesus, break every power behind stagnancy in my life in Jesus name.
12. Every spirit of bewitchment, making me to think wrong thoughts and make mistakes, be arrested by the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name.
13. The Bible says fire goes before the Lord and consumes His enemies
roundabout. Fire of God, consume every demon manipulating me in my business
place; in my office and in my house, in Jesus name.
14. Strong man stubbornly holding on to my breakthrough, release it, in Jesus
name. 15. Resurrection power, deliver my original from every spiritual prison, in Jesus
16. Season of unending laughter, manifest in my life in Jesus name.


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