And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make
him an help meet for him. Genesis 2:18.
The above scripture pictures the right responsibility of the better half of the man.
You are to complement the man in life and ministry. We should not forget that it is
only those who know the right responsibility that the popular Expression “behind every successful man there is a woman” is applicable to.
The success of every home is a dual responsibility and is expected that both
parties should on a daily basis see what they can do to better their home.
Successful home cannot be gotten by mere wishful thinking. Some persons feel
that they can be successful in their marriage if they had married their ex, or
someone they melt or knew some years ago. The success of your marriage is not in that person you are thinking of but rather in you. As ladies know that you can gain
and retain the love for your spouse if you actually make up your mind to work it out.
Stop assuming and wishing for someone else. There are things and persons you
need to cut off from your life if really you want to enjoy your home. Those talkative,
gossips, loquacious and godless staff, colleagues, relatives, neighbours, so called
Christian sisters and ‘mothers’ that always speak evil about your spouse, policing and reporting your spouse to you always, telling useless negative stories of how
men cheat and all those rubbish. Get rid of them, make up your mind to treat your
spouse as a king, look closely at him, how those he sleeps at night, do you insist
that he must take his bath properly at night not just mere showering, look at his
cloths, do you give him the money you found in his pocket while washing the
clothes, do you account for every penny he gives you without him demanding for accountability? Do you appreciate him for making you a proud mother, for being a
succor and father of your kids, for every little show of love and affection displayed
to you. Do you check the meal he eats and do you take cognizance of his spiritual
life, prayer life and personal Bible study life, how much of the word of God does he
know and how often does he applies it to life situation? Be a pillar not a caterpillar,
learn to tease not tear down, and learn to smile at times not smacki

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