Do not be passionate in changing your status; I want to address the young men
today. Many young men are so happy to change their status but you can’t enjoy
that place till you change your orientation and mentality about female. There are
some wrong notions most men imbibe about the female folks before they change
their status. Some of them include: i. Females’ utmost desire is money and nothing else. That is not true concerning all
responsible females who know what they desire from their home.
ii. Females are unpredictable. That is also wrong, if a female sees you as not being
able to comprehend her true picture, she may not be able to cope with you and that
will result to acrimony most times.
iii. Females are loose and gullible. That is not true concerning a well home godly trained lady. Even some ladies are smarter than the men folks and can comfortably
drain that money crazy man and the man will not even have access the lady for
iv. Females are arrogant and naughty. There are females that are honest and
humble, neat and noble, simple and smart, film and faithful. Not all are arrogant.
v. Females are sexually loose. Why will you say such a thing, do you think you can defend that statement? Some are but not all infact most responsible ladies.
Due to the aforementioned notions, some men just slight misunderstanding bully
their wives, scold and say all sort of things, calling her names, abusing her parents
and act as devils.
Note that there is no perfect person all you need to do is to make up your mind
before you change your status to change the following: 1. Late night movement, keeping out till late at night, even if you went to church, or
official meeting let your second know about your whereabouts.
2. Lazy attitude and behaviour. Some men are too lazy and when their second
notices it and tries to correct them they flare up and start bragging.
3. Lackadaisical attitude of some men have made their women to be the literal
bread winner while they sleep and while up their time playing useless games. 4. Loose talking. There are men that talk more than women, they want to comment
on anything they see or hear.

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