Lord: for those who cut Me to pieces, who disregard My word and speak recklessly,
their tongues will be hammered with a big nail, their lips will be sewn together with
a needle and lava will be poured on their tongues.
Lord: “The Psychology behind slander is that it does not stop at the instant one
hears it but rather it gets delayed to another person and so forth until it becomes a widespread rumor within moments. The tongues of people who make slandering
their duty is similar to the tongues of satan. One mistaken slander will cause both
the slanderer and the victim to undergo the suffering that comes from slandering.
The man threw up and cried out in pain but satan kept shoving the rocks without a
moment of rest. I saw a man who was being strangled and tied with a snake and a
long thin snake was wiggling inside his stomach. A Man: I don’t want to live anymore, would everything be peaceful once I die?
Would the weight of this life be lifted off once I die? So he jumped and killed
himself. Where am I?
Satan: so you thought that it would be over once you die? You thought you would
be happy once you die?
Those who are in hell know that there is heaven, yet they also know that no matter how much they cry and repent, they can never go to heaven.
Internet Addicts.
Extensive use of the internet leads to communication, game, pornography and
other addictions and it can cause confusion between virtual world and reality,
barrier in language, violence, sexual perversions and other crimes.
Hell for drug addicts was a very cold place, Satan cut the spirit’s arms and legs, buried them in ice, and tied the rest of their body to a tree with rope.
Those people who love money when they were physically alive but they receive
eternal suffering here
Materialistic People
Lord: these people are also caught up in their pursuit for riches that they value
money more than people, they prefer luxurious imported cars over faith and mock church-goers. The also live in fear that the food that Satan pours on them will
vanish so they try to fill their greed for possessions.” Just as they were once
sophisticated, satan raised them high on a pedestal and burn their whole body to
flames where they will live in intense and extreme pain.
Love that is neither sincere or for salvation for lives but done simply for their own pleasure is considered to be sin. The reason is that our body was not created as
tools for pleasure.
A woman and a man had all of their limbs spread apart and bound in the nude.
They were hung high up. The satans had 2-3 meters long spears and pierced them
“puck, puck!” into the genital of the woman and the man again and again. A long
and thin snake that was over 15 meters long entered into the vagina of the woman within seconds and passed through her whole body until it came out of her mouth.
A man was stuck on the wall of the pit like a human bat and beasts that looked
hyenas were gnawing at the man’s penis
Those who Make Pornography
There was a machine and a person was bound with their limbs spread apart, when
the machine begins to run, the hands and feet that were bound began slicing off. The body was sliced thinly and passed through the machine like a bank receipt
running through the cash register.
People Who Had Sexual Intercourse with Animals
The people were hunged upside down and twisted continuously until blood
dripped them and fluids oared from there. Ten satans inserted ten 20-meters long
spears into the woman’s vagina all at once and twisted stirring them inside her This placed was filled with people who chased after their own pleasures, did not
bear any children but kept aborting them. Harming lives is a tremendously horrific
sin of murder so we have to quickly repent.
Those who masturbate
Lord: you who cannot overcome Lucifer’s’ tricks and succumb to masturbation,
there are so many of you who cannot overcome its pleasures and commit this act habitually. You did not realize the essence of love nor can you feel the abundance
of love in spirit. You are people who think physical love is everything. When it
comes to love, the love of the heart, mind, and spirit is the greatest. The rotten love
of the lower body is actually a love that is dead.
Satan put a man on top of a big cutting board and began to cut the man’s penis,
the man screamed and the man began to convulse. One woman was stripped naked and dragged on a floor of hot sharp rocks. This woman was unable to
overcome her desires and tried to satisfy her physical desires through
Lord:”These people committed all kinds of filthy and wicked acts and there are
many people who lived being caught up in drinking at bar lounges and sexual
pleasures with gutter-acts they had committed, they are undergoing the punishment in the gutter of hell.
These people tried to kill themselves and beat themselves everyday, they lived a
life of self-condemnation; they hit others, were violent and fought with others.
These people lived a life of killing others in their hearts and with their words
hundred of times at a time.
Lord: there are so many people in this world are corrupt from the fall so please relay my ever aching heart to them. Even at this very night, masses of people
commit sins again and again and they are born again as one who has lost values.
One who Experienced hell
• Lord how old is this child?
Lord: “This child is 9 years old and was an elementary school students
• Lord why is this child going through such suffering? I really couldn’t believe that a child was in Hell and it was truly dreadful.”
Lord:”This child did the things that his parents told him not to do and satan was
using this child the whole time” he was foul-mouthed and already caught up in the
sexual culture of adults even at such a young age. Therefore his brain was already
plagued with a disease to the point that even his parent could not help him fix
it.”There were bugs and insects crawling around the child and they were eating away at the fully naked child.
• Lord- What should we do with young children? Wouldn’t it be okay if they repent?
Lord: “If children can discern between good and evil, know about Heaven and hell,
and judge for themselves yet become corrupt and fall into the domain of sin, they
will regard sin as trivial, harm others, mock and slander others with no intention to
repent. There are so many children like him in the world. If these children do not repent and get into an accident or get ill and die, satan will drag them away and
confine them to various prisons in hell.
Hell for pastors who have become bad
“Today a big person came. He is the pastor who used to harass us , his whole
spiritual body was tied with rope and dragged there. Satan held up an arrow with a
very sharp metal tip that was heated over the fire. Ack! Please save me Lord ack! Satan replied- it is useless now, you have become mine
• Lord why is this person here?
Lord: he once led a mid-sized church, he specially receive the grace of God and
began leading a church. He preached about Heaven and hell to many lives but
later on, he gradually, little by little, became corrupt.” He was a married man but he
seduced one young woman from the congregation, dated her and began to forget about me. Soon after he began hitting his wife and ended up living with the other
woman” he was then driven out of the church, even when times grew hard, he did
not seek me. He rejected my help even when I had tried to give him many chances
and bring him back.” I had wanted to lead many lives to the path of salvation
through him but he turned everything away and chased after his own desires, that
is how he ended up here.” • Lord what type of suffering will he go through here?
Lord: “Satan hate and despise most the pastors or anyone who once did My work
so they will inflict all kinds of pain.” They will be happy and relieved that he fell for
their tricks.
This place is a hell for people who do not or hate to attend church, even if they
attended church, they attended half-heartedly, Those Who Mishandle Public Funds
A man was standing naked with his two arms spread in the image of a cross.
There were needles pricked into each of his cell all over the body. He looked as if
he could not scream even he was in terrible pain. This person had spent church
funds as if it were his own.
Those Who Do not preach the gospel, those who confess their love only with their lips but fail to give their lives to Jesus were tormented
Lord:”These people have not even once given their heart to me and only looked
upon me as their neighbor. They did not love me they call on me but only did so
because they had to. They never cried for me but never cried for themselves,
realize this instant that the result of such life will lead you straight to hell. Those
who lived in this world having nothing to do with Me when they die, they will also go to a place that has nothing to do with Me.
There are so many paths in this world but they are ultimately two paths. What
determiners your fate of going to heaven or hell is your life here on earth. It may
seems that life consists of thousands of paths but everyone, when they die, will
have to choose between two paths
Just as gender, male or female is determined in the womb; it is in the womb of earth that will determine the world where our spirit resides.
Lord: My heart aches when the one I govern live in the midst of sin.” They do not
even know it is sin until the sins they commit pile higher and higher and becomes a
tall strong tower but I will forgive everyone who breaks down their tower, become
cleansed and comes to me. Your pains are m y pains, your sufferings becomes my
suffering. Everyone who lives in the midst of sin, quickly repent and come back to Me. My path is straight and my bosom is wide and deep. I have expressed all of my
love for all mankind.” Repent sincerely so you will not go to hell” tell them about
this hell let it be known.”

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