The sad truth is that many of us who are preaching or shouting holiness here
suppose to go on vacation and seek the face of God because your inner life is
nothing to write about, thats why you cant preach your life. You dont need to come
and be screaming fire and brimstone here so we can know you are filled with
holyghost. Dont come and be saying you want to be on fire here, Go express them in your secret room, go scream there and weep to the Lord and come here display
result, Enough of our childishness among so called spiritual christians, even some
people, the word they are preaching has not become FLESH totally in them, they
quickly come and post here, we say much we do little and you see another
deception is you can copy and paste a post you yourself is guilty of, the people
reading it are getting blessed God is changing there lives and you are happy you are getting nice comments, shares while your soul is rotten and decayed.WOE
UNTO YOU! HYPOCRITE no wonder we cant change life because we dont have
the life of Christ.
I have even discovered that a man can post a powerful message that will get you
on your knees and cry to God for mercy while he himself is far from heaven
because the gift of God can do that, and the gift of God in your life which is without repentance is not an evidence that you are right with God.
Few among christians really posess this life am talking about, am not talking about
sharing post or shouting holiness holiness you think am talking about that, we only
sing it in song, we dont have the holiness in our lives, many of us have character
problem in our lives. I see competition in our posts, i see pride in our post, i see too
know in our post, we lack simple christian character and brokeness and many of knows this truth deep down our heart and instead to seek the face of God, no we
wont, we must just post and share, ok then you want to post and share and go to
hell and be lost forever in flames of fire. Some are here to be preaching
denomination, you see them putting the name of their church there, there are some
even here who demonstrate spiritual pride. Sometimes one can easily tell through
your post and comments how your inner life looks like. I wont deceive myself and be coming here preaching what I dont have, Infact you
cant know all about me by just looking at my wall, I am more deeper than what you
see on my wall those who are closer to me real life knows this, infact Holy Spirit do
persuade me alot to share some things he reveal to me. I can be in my secret doing
marathon prayers and engaging in systematic study but you wont know.
Excuse me your real spiritual life positively must be deeper than what we see on your wall, thats what am talking about. When we meet you real life thats when we
know who you really are, all the one we are just doing here is just mere profession
and some profession is so empty and shallow. We dont really know who you are.
I was talking to a brother on phone one day, he is my friend on facebook and after
he talked, the Lord reveal to me that there is anger in his life and yet he will come
here and be saying holiness and you see they wont talk about that area and so many sisters here with impatient atitude, stubborn and filled with hidden pride.
If you know how the Lord looks at you, you will stop all those things you are doing
and do the needful.
Excuse me please lets get it right before its too late…
Eternity is so near, Life is too short. Do the needful

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