Luke 13:28 There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see
Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and
you yourselves thrust out.
Those that have died already and wasnt allowed into heaven and there in hell
already crying there, and they will cry forever. Those in hell are crying without hope, no hope again for them, they have missed
heaven, and that loss is forever.
Some of them were pastors, preachers of holiness, prophets, evangelists, teachers
but they missed it at one point or the other.
Some are there because of pride, unforgiveness, malice, wickedness, anger,
covetousness, greed, envy. Some are there because of gossiping, stealing, fornication, doing boyfriend/
girlfriend relationship, giving the glory of God to footballers, worshiping the image
of mary, believing in mohammed, believing their pastor when he is teaching false
Some are there because they refused to do their restitution, confess their sins,
remove artificial hairs ( weavon, attachments, wigs, wool etc), remove the ornaments on their body (the chains, earrings, bangles, nose rings, toe rings, rings
of all type including wedding rings and engagement rings).
Some are there because they refused to pay their tithe, help the poor and the
needy, go to church.
Some are there because they were drinking alcohol, smoking, gambling,
masturbating, romancing same sex. Some are there because the embezelled the money of the church, of the
government, of the community.
Some are there because of abortion, for marrying more than one wife, for being a
second of a third wife.
Some are there because of immoral and indecent dressing that led many into sin,
some are there because of bleaching, perfuming and painting their body. some because of worldly haircut and ungodly dressing
Some are there because of lying in business, selling fake products at original
prices, buying stolen items knowingly, sellings illegal drugs.
Some are there because of secret sins, secret evil life. Some for watching
pornography, naked pictures with their phone and laptops, romantic films, worldly
songs, unchristian hairstyles. Many more reasons why a many are there, you are going there too if you die
without repenting and embracing Jesus and His Holiness
Say Lord Jesus help me that the vanishing things of this world will not take me to
hell Amen
Song: But when you miss heaven you will cry

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