Are you thinking like this “what if I miss heaven? how will it be with me? after all my
preachings? after all my going to church, my fastings, my prayers, how will I cry?
how will my face burn, my eyes, my tongue, how will it be? to live forever burning in
fire, without water, no fresh air, no food, no clothes only fire, darkness, everlasting
torture, eternal burning, sorrow, gnashing of teeth, weeping, forever, oh terrible terrible terrible, fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God, terrible..
Bro, where is your home to be in eternity? heaven? hell? heaven? hell? no
purgatory. We are talking about eternity, where you will live forever after life here
on earth. Those that have died already, terrible, the judgement of God over them
terrible, some of them their sins are not greater than yours oh but now they are
crying oh the judgement of God. You are there eating, enjoying, laughing, doing sin.
You are not even thinking, not bothered is a matter of time, all of us will go over to
eternity, including all these worldly musicians, phyno, flavour and co all will go to
eternity including you reading. That time the money in you bank account will not
matter, what are you going to use it to do? nothing, that time how beautiful you are
it will not count, your famous name will be forgotten, your wealth all trampled upon, nothing we count only what had done on earth will count.
Song: eternity, eternity, where will you spend eternity?


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