“In my former church where holiness was the watchword,but this happened.There
was a sister that got converted through me,I was training her in the ways of
godliness and she was in the Choir as well;and I was the leader of the Choir Unit
then so I could monitor her well. But I left there to lead the Ushering Unit and Christian Literature publication Units while a woman led the Choir.Times went on a
brother entered the church and was handling the instruments,after service my
daughter would be staying with him while parking the instruments.In short,a
day,she sat inside the church’s bus because she was vomitting…notknowing she
was pregnant;all attempted attempts on my part and the church to get her back to
the foot of the cross were non-personal-grata,in short,she’s is a fine sex machine now living together with the fake brother UNMARRIED,and keeps USING
PREGNANT PILLS”.Hear something today,the only thing all christians would be
doing in Heaven is SINGING,AND NOTHING AGAIN;also if the main
occupation,job,ministry of satan before and after he was hurled out of Heaven,is
SINGING,then dear singer,choirster,gospel musician,I THINK YOU ARE IN
TROUBLE IF YOU STILL LIVE IN SIN.Especially fornication is a sin that can’t but exist among choirsters;it’sas if the spirit of lucifer means to aggravatedly deal with
anybody that share his ministry with him.If you are not fornicatious in nature and
you join the choir,be careful or else some strong wicked immoral spirits may
possess you and you wont concentrate again except stare-gazing different sizes of
sisters’ buttocks.As a choirster,the day you discover you are being captured by a
sister’s voice in the Unit,and thereby thinking about her always even on the bed at night,my friend,you are already laminating your burial and hell certificates.GOD
CHERUB,that’s why satan is jealous.BE YE HOLY…
why do you think India is characterized by SONGS,TALENTED SINGERS AND
RITUALISTIC SERPENTINE DANCES they use to display?It’s because they have a
tact binded contract with Lucifer;that’s why India is the most occultic country in the world apart from California USA,Ijebu Ode NIGERIA,EgyptAFRICA, Ibadan
The India ocean is an underworldly occultic realm of demons that has even
please, if you are a Christian who likes watching Indian films,at deliverance there
must be at least 4snakes in you. Back to the Choir/Song issue,anytime you start singing,you receive the blessings
of God and the wrath of hell. SINGERS should live the best pure holy lives, but it’s
an addendum pity that the choir has the largest immoral immoralists today.

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