Oh no! My heart pant, where are the messages that set us on fire today? Where
are the message of repentance that bring tears from our eyes and draw us to
calvary? Where are the message that tell us about hell fire, remind us of the great
judgement morning, that make us tremble and afraid of the judgement to come?
Oh no where are they? Any John the baptist there to warn us to flee from the wrath to come, any Paul the Apostle there to tell us about holiness and sanctification
which without no man shall see the Lord. Any Ezekiel there to tell us If the
righteous turns back and commit iniquity all his righteousness shall not be
remembered again! Where are the Habakkuk messages that will lament and cry for
revival and ignite our prayer life, where the Joels who will proclaim a fast, tell the
people to repent and get ready for great outpouring of power. Take your prosperity message away and your eternal security away that makes us
lukewarm, take your so called Grace message away that tell us we dont need to
strive anymore to perfection, that makes us licencious, we dont need that. Do you
remember John Wesley, Charles finney? Oh no where are the messages, I mean
the one that tell us the mind of God not the one that comforts us in our sins and pet
us with God is love only distorting the picture of God!NO!, I mean the one that reminds us that faliure to restitute our ways will make us lose heaven, I mean the
one that shuns worldliness and make us hate worldly dressing and fashions
makeup with passion, am not talking of the message that encourage lust,
immorality and worldiness in ones heart. I mean the message that will break the
heart, hammer ones heart, pierce, remold and prepare one for heaven…
Oh No,, we cant find such again, its very rare, woe unto this generation, woe unto this adulterous generation, a generation of itching ears, a generation of rebellious
We hate the truth, we love deception, we do not want to hear the whole thing, even
in your so called church, they are not preaching all these I mentioned and you are
still sitting there laughing and smiling, you are senseless and on your way to hell.
I can keep on writing and writing, and continue writing and writing, where are the messages haaaaa!

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