2Chronicles 25:16 “And it came to pass, as he talked with him, that the king said
unto him, Art thou made of the king’s counsel? forbear, why should thou be
smitten? Then the prophet forbare, and said, I KNOW THAT GOD HATH
DETERMINED TO DESTROY THEE, because thou hast done this, and hast not
hearkened unto my counsel. This is indeed a serious matter to ponder on. God sent a prophet to warn Amaziah
that what he was doing was totally wrong. Amaziah was walking right with God but
after God gave him victory, he took the gods of the heathen people to be his gods
and bow down to it, what foolishness! And God sent him a prophet to warn him in 2
Chronicles 25:14-16 “Now it came to pass, after that Amaziah was come from the
slaughter of the Edomites, that he brought the gods of the children of Seir, and set them up to be his gods, and bowed down himself before them, and burned incense
unto them. Wherefore the anger of the Lord was kindled against Amaziah, and he
sent unto him a prophet, which said unto him, why hast thou sought after the gods
of the people, which could not deliver their own people out of thine hand?
but he didnt listen to the counsel of God through the prophet because God hath
determined to destroy him. So likewise today, it is because God has determine to destroy those general
overseers who after listening to serious warning to teach the whole truth of
holiness both inward and outward to their members but they ignored the counsel.
You will tell some people that this worldly adornment, makeup, attachment is bad,
they say dont tell me that, you know what? God has determined to destroy you,
that is why they keep feeding you with lies and deceit; what happened to those prophet during the time of Jeremiah who prophesy deceit unto the people and
never believed Jeremiah, Didnt God destroy them at last?
Jeremiah 28:15-17
See you pastor because God will destroy you eventually, that is why you are
against some messages and real testimony of heaven and hell, message of
holiness that takes away makeup and artificial fashion, that is why you are against Restitution.
And what about you? You dont want to accept the will of God, you prefer the
permissive will of God, second option; you prefer to do it your own way and live the
way you like, it is because God has determined to destroy you.
You are filled with pride, arrogance and bad character, you have been warned
severally but you want to go your own way the reason satan hardens your heart is simply because God has determine to destroy you, that is why you dont want to
listen to any godly counsel that will put you on track. God is not a respecter of man,
he destroyed baalam, he destroyed saul, sodom and gommorrah. If you dont
repent and follow the will of God and accept the true doctrine; the old time faith of
our fathers, you will be damned!
You pastors or G.O, ministers that are reading this that you are preaching half truth, lies, once saved always saved, preaching prosperity, preaching that artificial
fashions& worldliness is not a sin, if you dont repent, God has determined to
destroy you and your members you are leading to hell just like he destroyed saul,
both of you will die suddenly and go to hell!!!!
He that has an ear let Him hear what the Spirit is saying.
BE WISE AND BE WARNED!!! “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed,
and that without remedy.” (Proverbs 29:1).

Dear reader, it’s by God’s mercy to exist to this time, Satan’s plan for us is to die in
sin and doom forever in hell fire. Without genuine salvation, there is no way we can
escape the judgment of God, so count it as a great privilege to have this
opportunity, and so you need to make the best use of it for your salvation and new
life in Jesus. How can you have genuine salvation that will guarantee eternal life
with Jesus and grant you the grace to overcome sin, Satan and self? Please follow the following steps:
No Excuse, but admit it. If truly you need God’s mercy to pardon your sins and give
you grace to overcome them, then you need to face it by yourself and acknowledge
your sin. Don’t excuse sin because everybody is doing it – in your church (even your
pastors, parents or partners), in your family, in your place of work, etc. Don’t says,
“Does that means everybody doing it will go to hell fire?” Yes, everybody can go to hell and God will still be righteous. Jesus said instead of you to be thinking how
many will be saved, YOU strife to be saved NOW. Don’t excuse sin because of its
popularity, it’s in person – you, face it. And sin is sin, either small or great, there is
no difference, you just be sincere and confess it. Psalm 51:3 For I acknowledge my transgressions, And my sin is always before me.
4 Against You, You only, have I sinned, And done this evil in Your sight Make a
Genuine Confession Do you wonder why you’ve made several confessions of your
sins and yet you still have guilt of those sins, you still go back into such sins, and
your salvation is not certain or you find yourself going back into your sins? It’s
simple: you didn’t make genuine confession. Genuine confession is not just using the name of Jesus, not answering alter call and so on. Take the next 2 steps that lead you to genuine salvation in Jesus Christ: First Repent before You confess. There are many fake confessions, but if you
sincerely want to make acceptable confession, you must first repent. No need for
you to confess if there is no repentance in you. Repentance is thoughtful
realization of your sins and determination to forsake them. If you confess without readiness to forsake the sins you confess, you are simply
wasting your time, and the sins will soon get you down. To repent is not to be sorry
for your sins, if you are sorry without readiness to forsake all, you will have a sorry
case and that is not a genuine salvation. Humble yourself before God now and surrender all. Proverbs 28:13 He who covers
his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have
mercy. Pray It All Now all you need to do is to go before in prayer as you confess
your sins and ask God to forgive you through His Son Jesus Christ. Tell Him you
are sorry for how you have lived and all you have done, ask Him to cleanse you by
the Blood of Jesus and give you a new heart and a new spirit. He will do it as He has promised in His Word saying, “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive
ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just
to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:8-9.
Now is the time for your salvation! Do not delay further, do it now, don’t allow Satan to distract or delay you, because
another chance may not come. You can pray the prayer for the next 5 to 10
minutes. Have you prayed the prayer for your salvation? Then let me pray with you: “Lord Jesus, thank You for dying for our sins, thank You
for coming to seek us and counting us worthy to be saved. You promised that if we
come to You, You will not cast us away; that if we admit and confess our sins, no
mater how many and how terrible, You will forgive and cleanse us. So I pray for this
beloved, as s/he has repented, confessed and asked for Your forgiveness, save
her/him and give her/him a new nature of Yours to live for You from today. Thank You Lord because You have answered, for we prayed in Jesus name. Amen.” Now You Are saved! Now, you are saved, you are born again with a new life by
Jesus Christ. You need to start the new life guided by God’s Word. You have to
disassociate and detach yourself from old lifestyle; old things that are not
according to God’s Word and friendship that can pull you back to old life in sin.
The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new
creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” You can’t continue in your old lifestyle anymore, you are now a genuine, heaven
recognized child of God and your life must be guided by His Word. You need to be
reading Bible every day and praying about your new life. You should be reading at
least 2 chapters of Bible everyday and take time to pray for your spiritual growth
and daily strength; you can start from Matthew chapter 1. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding before you read and pray after you
finish reading. Pray for God’s grace and Spirit to live daily according to His word
and to overcome every temptation on your way, and be watchful every time at
every situation in your new life in Jesus! As you have now started a new life in
Christ Jesus, heaven is rejoicing over you as your name is written in the Book of
Life. Look only unto Jesus, not any man or any pastor. There are many false teachings everywhere because we are in end time, so let the
Bible be your supreme guide! We will love to hear from you for more counseling
that will help your daily Christian life, and to keep you in our prayer for your new life
in Jesus. And if you have any question please contact us:you can Email us on or you call us on this number 2347068491845 OR
2348174474370 GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Genesis 34:31, “But they said, “Should he treat our sister like a harlot?”
We tend to term or tag a harlot or prostitute to a woman who usually has sex with
different men for money. But the reality is that, being a prostitute is far more than
being a street or hotel sex worker. From the light of the Word of God, in the sight of
God, a woman can be a prostitute or harlot without being a regular sex worker or without having sex for money; a woman can be a confirmed Prostitute and still
looks and behaves decent, and still be a serious or zealous Christian woman, she
can even be a minister or a minister’s wife. It is a limited and inadequate insight
and knowledge of people that see only women standing beside the road or hotel
as prostitutes.There are different types of harlots or prostitutes, and they are of
different levels, but before God, all are seen as harlots. Let’s see some other types of harlots apart from the regular sex workers:
Genesis 38:15, “When Judah saw her, he thought she was a harlot”
You can be registered as a harlot in heaven simply by the way you dress. You don’t
need to become an active sex worker, you don’t need to commit a single sexual
immorality with a man before Heaven will recognize you as a prostitute and remove your name from the Book of Life; in fact you can be a virgin but still a heavenly
recognized harlot. How does that happens? It happens simply by what you wear
and how you wear what you wear. If you wear low-cut dress or low necklines
including ball gowns that exposes your cleavage, meaning, that shows the upper
part, little trace of your breasts when you bend down, you are a harlot. You don’t
need to be half naked before you become harlot by garment, but as long you wear any clothing that reveals your cleavage a little, you are a harlot.
Also if you wear tight clothes that shows the anatomy of your body to the world as
to show your shape, you are a harlot; if you wear transparent or perforated clothing
that shows your inner-wears, you are a harlot; if you wear any dress which does not
covers your arms or your kneels, you are a harlot. This may be hard to take but a
spiritual reality for holy standard of the heaven minded.You can be a pastor, a minister, deaconess; you can speak in tongues of angels, you can sing like angels,
whoever you are or claim to be does not matter, but to God, you are a decent
harlot. If this is too hard for you to take, you can wait until you get to the gate of
heaven, only that will be too late, and I will not advise you to wait that too late.
There will be surprise on the rapture day and in heaven, when our identities are
declared to us, and we may say, “Lord, I am not a harlot, and never be one”As a Christian woman, what will be your reason before God for wearing clothing that
exposes your cleavage? How will you defend your motive of wearing tight,
transparent, perforated and short dress?
Genesis 38:21, “Then he asked the men of that place, saying, “Where is the harlot
who was openly by the roadside?” And they said, “There was no harlot in this place.”A harlot is a woman who gives sex to a man in order to get something back;
so if you, as a woman, give sex to get a job, you are registered harlot in heavens,
even if it is once. If you, as a woman, allow a man to sleep with you because of
promotion at work, because you want to retain your job, because you want to get
contract, because of your schooling, because of favor- you are a heavenly
recognized prostitute. Prostitution is giving sex in exchange for something, it doesn’t matter if it is money or not, and it doesn’t matter if it is just once or
forever.Here is the is the terrifying truth: Whatever you have gotten by allowing
men to sleep with you – even if those things were supposed to be your right, but as
long as you allowed man to sleep before you got it through, you are a harlot – the
job, certificate, etc are dividends of your harlotry, and the salary, profit, whatever
you are getting as a result are wages of a harlot. The most terrific matter here is that, if you are giving tithes, offerings from the wages you got through harlotry, you
are only waging serious judgment of God against your life and eternity, because
God warned that no wages of harlotry should be brought into His house.
Here is the word of God in Deuteronomy 23:18, “You shall not bring the wages of a
harlot or the price of a dog to the house of the Lord your God for any vowed
offering, for both of these are an abomination to the Lord your God.” Your pastor can collect your tithes and offerings, your prosperity pastors can say
anybody can bring tithes, but you are only doing yourself havoc if you are in such
category. To have the mercies of God, you need to repent, open up and confess,
then do necessary restitution. (3) HARLOT BY GIVING
Genesis 34:31, “But they said, “Should he treat our sister like a harlot?”If you are in
marital relationship, and you commit premarital sex, in a way of giving your love or
promise to the man, you are a harlot. Premarital sex in a marital relationship is only
an act of harlotry. In the book of Genesis 34, a man called Shechem loved Dinah
the daughter of Jacob, and he slept with her, even though he had not married her; when her brothers heard it, they were angry and said, “Should he treat our sister
like a harlot?” – Only a prostitute will be sleeping with a man before marriage, that
is what the brothers meant.If a man is asking a woman for premarital sex in a
relationship, he is only addressing the woman as a prostitute, taking her to be a
prostitute; and if a woman is allowing a man to sleep with her in a marital
relationship, she is only presenting herself to be a harlot. So the same man who has been sleeping with her can think and decide tomorrow that he doesn’t want to
marry her again, and why? “She is a harlot” But you are the same man who has
been sleeping with her. The man answers, “Yes, I know, but I am not her husband
yet, it only proves she is a harlot.”If you had premarital sex before you got married,
and you covered it up, you need to repent NOW and realize your sin. Then you will
need to confess to the necessary people: your parents, your pastors, including the pastor who joined you together. If you think it is a past matter and no need to
confess to the necessary people, you are only embalming your past sin, and
enlisting yourself as a harlot in hell.Take or give, a woman who has extra-marital
sex is also a harlot, even if it was once or it was in past; until she confesses to her
husband, she is still a prostitute in God’s eyes. But as long as such a woman has
repented and confessed to her husband, she is as clean as a virgin before God, because when we repent and confess, God is always faithful to forgive and
cleanse us, and never remember again our sins as long as don’t go back.AND
So, what about men who have who ask or commit premarital sex or extra-marital
sex, are they also harlots or what should we call them? The same thing is
applicable to men, a man who commit premarital sex is a fornicator and a man who commits extra-marital sex is an adulterer. The solution to settle the matter is not a
matter of saying, “I don’t do it again and I have asked to forgive me” Such a man
will need to repent, confess to God and to his wife, to one another as the case may
be. If you, as man, has asked a woman for premarital or extra-marital sex, after you
have repented, you will need to apologize to the woman for the “evil asking”
Hebrews 13:4, “Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.”This message is not meant to condemn
us, but it is to correct us so that we will not be condemned with the world at the
end. Let us make the necessary amendment.
1 Corinthians 11:31, 32, “For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged.
32 But when we are judged, we are chastened by the Lord, that we may not be
condemned with the world.”

“For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and muderers, and
whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a
lie.” Rev 22:15
They lost heaven forever, they died without getting their garment blood washed,
their were stains on their garments, heaven couldnt open for them, they landed in hell.
They lost heaven forever, when they died and appeared at the gate of heaven, it
was discovered that their name were not in the book of life, they were cast into
They lost heaven forever, some of them were preached to but refused to repent,
some of them that were Christians didnt have holiness so heaven couldnt open, some of them refused to finish their restitutions, some of them died with
unconfessed sin in their life, some died with abominations on the bodies (all these
artificial hairs, ornaments, paintings) couldnt allow them enter, some of them were
serving God under His anger, some of them were living in secret sins, some of them
were serving God in a false religion, some of them believed not in Jesus, some of
them go to church but werent holy, some of them preferred pleasures of life to eternity in heaven while yet living on earth…. When they died they landed in hell.
And in hell, they regret their lives, they regretted believing their pastor instead of
what the scripture says, they regretted following mohammed to hell, they regretted
bowing before graven images of mary, of Jesus, they regretted believing in
purgatory, they regretted living in secret sins, they regretted living in disobedience
to God The thought of the eternal days of hell torments them, the number of times the
rejected the gospel and message of holiness on earth torments them, they
regretted exchanging days of pleasure in sin for eternity in hell, they lost heaven,
forever, they wish it could all be called a dream, they wish they could come back to
earth to correct their sinful life but NO it is too late Jesus told them.

Lord: for those who cut Me to pieces, who disregard My word and speak recklessly,
their tongues will be hammered with a big nail, their lips will be sewn together with
a needle and lava will be poured on their tongues.
Lord: “The Psychology behind slander is that it does not stop at the instant one
hears it but rather it gets delayed to another person and so forth until it becomes a widespread rumor within moments. The tongues of people who make slandering
their duty is similar to the tongues of satan. One mistaken slander will cause both
the slanderer and the victim to undergo the suffering that comes from slandering.
The man threw up and cried out in pain but satan kept shoving the rocks without a
moment of rest. I saw a man who was being strangled and tied with a snake and a
long thin snake was wiggling inside his stomach. A Man: I don’t want to live anymore, would everything be peaceful once I die?
Would the weight of this life be lifted off once I die? So he jumped and killed
himself. Where am I?
Satan: so you thought that it would be over once you die? You thought you would
be happy once you die?
Those who are in hell know that there is heaven, yet they also know that no matter how much they cry and repent, they can never go to heaven.
Internet Addicts.
Extensive use of the internet leads to communication, game, pornography and
other addictions and it can cause confusion between virtual world and reality,
barrier in language, violence, sexual perversions and other crimes.
Hell for drug addicts was a very cold place, Satan cut the spirit’s arms and legs, buried them in ice, and tied the rest of their body to a tree with rope.
Those people who love money when they were physically alive but they receive
eternal suffering here
Materialistic People
Lord: these people are also caught up in their pursuit for riches that they value
money more than people, they prefer luxurious imported cars over faith and mock church-goers. The also live in fear that the food that Satan pours on them will
vanish so they try to fill their greed for possessions.” Just as they were once
sophisticated, satan raised them high on a pedestal and burn their whole body to
flames where they will live in intense and extreme pain.
Love that is neither sincere or for salvation for lives but done simply for their own pleasure is considered to be sin. The reason is that our body was not created as
tools for pleasure.
A woman and a man had all of their limbs spread apart and bound in the nude.
They were hung high up. The satans had 2-3 meters long spears and pierced them
“puck, puck!” into the genital of the woman and the man again and again. A long
and thin snake that was over 15 meters long entered into the vagina of the woman within seconds and passed through her whole body until it came out of her mouth.
A man was stuck on the wall of the pit like a human bat and beasts that looked
hyenas were gnawing at the man’s penis
Those who Make Pornography
There was a machine and a person was bound with their limbs spread apart, when
the machine begins to run, the hands and feet that were bound began slicing off. The body was sliced thinly and passed through the machine like a bank receipt
running through the cash register.
People Who Had Sexual Intercourse with Animals
The people were hunged upside down and twisted continuously until blood
dripped them and fluids oared from there. Ten satans inserted ten 20-meters long
spears into the woman’s vagina all at once and twisted stirring them inside her This placed was filled with people who chased after their own pleasures, did not
bear any children but kept aborting them. Harming lives is a tremendously horrific
sin of murder so we have to quickly repent.
Those who masturbate
Lord: you who cannot overcome Lucifer’s’ tricks and succumb to masturbation,
there are so many of you who cannot overcome its pleasures and commit this act habitually. You did not realize the essence of love nor can you feel the abundance
of love in spirit. You are people who think physical love is everything. When it
comes to love, the love of the heart, mind, and spirit is the greatest. The rotten love
of the lower body is actually a love that is dead.
Satan put a man on top of a big cutting board and began to cut the man’s penis,
the man screamed and the man began to convulse. One woman was stripped naked and dragged on a floor of hot sharp rocks. This woman was unable to
overcome her desires and tried to satisfy her physical desires through
Lord:”These people committed all kinds of filthy and wicked acts and there are
many people who lived being caught up in drinking at bar lounges and sexual
pleasures with gutter-acts they had committed, they are undergoing the punishment in the gutter of hell.
These people tried to kill themselves and beat themselves everyday, they lived a
life of self-condemnation; they hit others, were violent and fought with others.
These people lived a life of killing others in their hearts and with their words
hundred of times at a time.
Lord: there are so many people in this world are corrupt from the fall so please relay my ever aching heart to them. Even at this very night, masses of people
commit sins again and again and they are born again as one who has lost values.
One who Experienced hell
• Lord how old is this child?
Lord: “This child is 9 years old and was an elementary school students
• Lord why is this child going through such suffering? I really couldn’t believe that a child was in Hell and it was truly dreadful.”
Lord:”This child did the things that his parents told him not to do and satan was
using this child the whole time” he was foul-mouthed and already caught up in the
sexual culture of adults even at such a young age. Therefore his brain was already
plagued with a disease to the point that even his parent could not help him fix
it.”There were bugs and insects crawling around the child and they were eating away at the fully naked child.
• Lord- What should we do with young children? Wouldn’t it be okay if they repent?
Lord: “If children can discern between good and evil, know about Heaven and hell,
and judge for themselves yet become corrupt and fall into the domain of sin, they
will regard sin as trivial, harm others, mock and slander others with no intention to
repent. There are so many children like him in the world. If these children do not repent and get into an accident or get ill and die, satan will drag them away and
confine them to various prisons in hell.
Hell for pastors who have become bad
“Today a big person came. He is the pastor who used to harass us , his whole
spiritual body was tied with rope and dragged there. Satan held up an arrow with a
very sharp metal tip that was heated over the fire. Ack! Please save me Lord ack! Satan replied- it is useless now, you have become mine
• Lord why is this person here?
Lord: he once led a mid-sized church, he specially receive the grace of God and
began leading a church. He preached about Heaven and hell to many lives but
later on, he gradually, little by little, became corrupt.” He was a married man but he
seduced one young woman from the congregation, dated her and began to forget about me. Soon after he began hitting his wife and ended up living with the other
woman” he was then driven out of the church, even when times grew hard, he did
not seek me. He rejected my help even when I had tried to give him many chances
and bring him back.” I had wanted to lead many lives to the path of salvation
through him but he turned everything away and chased after his own desires, that
is how he ended up here.” • Lord what type of suffering will he go through here?
Lord: “Satan hate and despise most the pastors or anyone who once did My work
so they will inflict all kinds of pain.” They will be happy and relieved that he fell for
their tricks.
This place is a hell for people who do not or hate to attend church, even if they
attended church, they attended half-heartedly, Those Who Mishandle Public Funds
A man was standing naked with his two arms spread in the image of a cross.
There were needles pricked into each of his cell all over the body. He looked as if
he could not scream even he was in terrible pain. This person had spent church
funds as if it were his own.
Those Who Do not preach the gospel, those who confess their love only with their lips but fail to give their lives to Jesus were tormented
Lord:”These people have not even once given their heart to me and only looked
upon me as their neighbor. They did not love me they call on me but only did so
because they had to. They never cried for me but never cried for themselves,
realize this instant that the result of such life will lead you straight to hell. Those
who lived in this world having nothing to do with Me when they die, they will also go to a place that has nothing to do with Me.
There are so many paths in this world but they are ultimately two paths. What
determiners your fate of going to heaven or hell is your life here on earth. It may
seems that life consists of thousands of paths but everyone, when they die, will
have to choose between two paths
Just as gender, male or female is determined in the womb; it is in the womb of earth that will determine the world where our spirit resides.
Lord: My heart aches when the one I govern live in the midst of sin.” They do not
even know it is sin until the sins they commit pile higher and higher and becomes a
tall strong tower but I will forgive everyone who breaks down their tower, become
cleansed and comes to me. Your pains are m y pains, your sufferings becomes my
suffering. Everyone who lives in the midst of sin, quickly repent and come back to Me. My path is straight and my bosom is wide and deep. I have expressed all of my
love for all mankind.” Repent sincerely so you will not go to hell” tell them about
this hell let it be known.”

“then he shall confess the sin which he has committed. He shall make restitution
for his trespass in full, plus one-fifth of it, and give it to the one he has wronged. 8
But if the man has no relative to whom restitution may be made for the wrong, the
restitution for the wrong must go to the Lord for the priest, in addition to the ram of
the atonement with which atonement is made for him.” Numbers 5:7, 8. Restitution is making right what we did wrong before we are saved. Restitution is
not an optional, it is not a human ideology or theology, but it is a Bible command, a
Bible standard!
“then he shall confess the sin which he has committed. He shall make restitution
for his trespass in full” Numbers 5:7 Restitution is to be made after you have confessed your sins to God and you are
saved. Restitution is not a topic to argue with people about, because if you are not
yet saved, you need not to bother yourself about restitution, you need to first
confess your sins to God and forsake them before you move to higher level of
restitution in your Christian life; and because if you are saved, you need no one to
hammer on you before you are convinced about restitution. Conviction for restitution is natural to those who have experienced genuine salvation. When you
are genuinely, the Spirit of God will come to dwell inside of you, and it is the same
Holy Spirit that will teach you and convince you about restitution without anybody
forcing you.
“But if the man has no relative to whom restitution may be made for the wrong, the restitution for the wrong must go to the Lord for the priest, in addition to the ram of
the atonement with which atonement is made for him.” Numbers 5:8
Restitution is restoring and returning things that were wrongly taken or possessed;
it is reconciling with people we offend or who offend us, revealing lies and secret
sins or covered-up, and repaying those we owe bad debts. So what if we can’t
retrace the person to return or repay? In such case, the Bible says we should trace their relatives and pay to them, and if we can trace anyone related to them we
should pay it to the Lord, maybe into your church offering box. The Lord knows how
to repay the untraced person.
The truth is that, a church that does not believe restitution does not have or
believe genuine salvation, because restitution is a confirmation of a genuine salvation, so if your church and your pastor do not believe restitution as a must,
they actually do not have genuine salvation and they don’t teach genuine
salvation. If a Christian does not believe restitution as a mandate, you may need
not to argue with such Christian or pastor, he has not experienced genuine
salvation. It is not man that convinces a man on restitution, it is the Holy Spirit that
convinces, convicts and compels only the genuinely saved people to do restitution. Arguing with people about restitution is a waste of time, instead, first share with
them about genuine salvation.
If you die or the rapture takes place with pending or postponing restitution in your
life, you will miss heaven. Undone restitution of a child of God unmakes him for
heaven. COUNSEL? YES!
There is need for biblical counsel before many restitution should be made, though
many churches and ministers cancel people’s lives with their unbiblical counsel on
restitution, but you need a godly counselor to give you a godly counsel. If the Spirit
of the Lord is laying on your mind and leading you on any issue to restitute, or if
you need clarification on any matter of restitution, you can please contact us in this ministry for biblical counsel and prayer.

Are you thinking like this “what if I miss heaven? how will it be with me? after all my
preachings? after all my going to church, my fastings, my prayers, how will I cry?
how will my face burn, my eyes, my tongue, how will it be? to live forever burning in
fire, without water, no fresh air, no food, no clothes only fire, darkness, everlasting
torture, eternal burning, sorrow, gnashing of teeth, weeping, forever, oh terrible terrible terrible, fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God, terrible..
Bro, where is your home to be in eternity? heaven? hell? heaven? hell? no
purgatory. We are talking about eternity, where you will live forever after life here
on earth. Those that have died already, terrible, the judgement of God over them
terrible, some of them their sins are not greater than yours oh but now they are
crying oh the judgement of God. You are there eating, enjoying, laughing, doing sin.
You are not even thinking, not bothered is a matter of time, all of us will go over to
eternity, including all these worldly musicians, phyno, flavour and co all will go to
eternity including you reading. That time the money in you bank account will not
matter, what are you going to use it to do? nothing, that time how beautiful you are
it will not count, your famous name will be forgotten, your wealth all trampled upon, nothing we count only what had done on earth will count.
Song: eternity, eternity, where will you spend eternity?

absolutely very narrow, narrow indeed with all the bends is the way to heaven. Very
hard way indeed, this road was the way Joseph followed, apostle paul followed,
john Wesley followed to heaven. no short cut at all, if you want heaven you must
follow this narrow road, it leads to heaven.
If you are burdened with the cares of this world you cannot follow this way, if you love the world, the musics of the world, the dressings of the world, the language of
the world you cannot tarry in this road, with all the weights of sin upon you the road
cannot contain you because it is very narrow
If you want to walk in this road you must count the cost, deny the world and its
pleasures, those naked dressing, those pornographic films, those worldly musics,
those ungodly relationship, those your clubbing, worldly friends, those immoral lifestyles you must deny them and pick up your cross or else forget about entering
heaven at last.
Very narrow, again you must deny your self many things, all this bleaching,
painting, sagging, alcohol drinking, you must stop them, break off with any
girlfriend or boyfriend or sugar mummy or daddy else forget about seeing Jesus at
last. Christianity must be recovered, Jesus mean business, total holiness must be
embraced, and Service to God done with clean hands, pure heart in holiness and in
truth, in righteousness and in purity.

This is very serious and Today we must handle it and clean up the church of
Christ.people must stop ashaming JESUS…
MATHEW 23:13..WOE unto you teachers of the law,you
hypocrites!!!!you shut the kingdom of HEAVEN IN men’s yourselves do not enter nor will you let those who are trying to, enter…hypocrites and pharisees
are many in the house of GOD..I think l must handle now talking to
individuals.many non believers all over the world complain that Christians have
very bad manners, christians have ashamed the LORD!!!!!!are you the one behaving
to be holier than thou,telling people,you will not enter heaven,,yet yourself are not
walking right,in total holiness before the LORD?SOME ushers and security handle people harshly and rudely,the LORD has struggled so much to bring his people in
the church or meetings yet you mishandle them,and they leave the church saying,if
that is salvation,l better not get born again..
for example l heard someone cry,l struggled so much to convince my mum to come
to meeting then after meeting the parent says,your church is good,but the people
inside… do you represent CHRIST?how do you approach someone not born again?how can you go to him and directly point at her nakedness in harsh rebuke
and expect her to get born again? do you now want to be the HOLY SPIRIT who
changes people? you are supposed to present the word of GOD to the person and
let the LORD do his work of change..many people have refused to come in thinking
this is a cult,simply because we do not present the word well.thus SPOILING FOR
JESUS!!!!!. how do you handle those people not born again in your place of work or where you
stay?do you quarrel with them?answer them rudely?lie to them?.You hypocrite,
pharisee,JESUS says,you shut the door of heaven in peoples yourselves
are not entering,neither will you allow those who are trying,to enter!!! If you fall in
this group,do you think you are born again and entering or escorting others in
heaven? JOHN 3:3 l tell you the truth,unless one truely gets born again,you will never enter
the kingdom of GOD…the bible says,many will try to enter but will not make it,many
are called but few are chosen,not everyone who says LORD LORD will enter
heaven,,watch out lest you fulfil the out,the prostitutes,drunkards,and
those in churches you despise are entering heaven before you.
how comes you forgot so quickly that it was by grace,by the mercies of GOD that you were saved?Unless your righteousness surpasses that of the pharisees,you
will never enter the kingdom of GOD..
you who does this…you who block others from entering, how will you escape being
condemned in hell????…

1 Corinthians 3:16-17″Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the
Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God
destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.
Thus saith the Lord, I created you with glory, I created you wonderfully and
marvelously and what you now do is to defile your body which is my temple. I will destroy you.
For those of you who paint your face or lips anyhow with all these nonsense
thereby defiling my temple, those of you who bleach and change the natural use of
creation Romans 1;23-26 and insult My Father adding those things to your body, I
will surely destroy you.
You put on trouser as a lady, you wear miniskirt and other immodest clothing Deut 22:5, I kept talking to your conscience about it and you ignored it, My Judgement
wil surely come upon you.
And what about you fornicators, you adulterers hypocrites and masturbators
defiling my temple which is your body James 4:4, I said in My Word that you should
glorify God in your body now you glorify satan, is it satan that paid the price on
calvary for your salvation? I died in order to sanctify that body Eph 5:25-27, I bore pains and suffering for you and all you do is to keep on defiling my temple with
your uncleanness thereby trampling upon My Most Holy Word which is forever
settled in Heaven, I will surely destroy you, I wont keep silence anymore, enough of
all these abominations in My sight. Look at the pastors wife, those elders wife, look
at the choristers, look at the church and the so called spiritual brethren they
continue to defile my temple with all these paintings and aboinations and nobody even want to repent anymore and they know the truth deep down in there heart!
Look at those goats pretending to be My sheep, they continue to feed themselves
with lies and deception claiming that I am with them, Can I ever fellowhip with the
throne of iniquity or worldliness?
I know My sheep and My sheep knows Me. If you continue to despise My word and
fail to repent, I will stretch my hand of Judgement against you. I the Lord have spoken through my prophet.
“For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and
they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have
no knowledge.
“And when thou art spoiled, what wilt thou do? Though thou clothest thyself with crimson, though thou deckest thee with ornaments of gold, though thou rentest thy
face with painting, in vain shalt thou make thyself fair; thy lovers will despise thee,
they will seek thy life.” (Jeremiah 4:22,30).