Unforgiveness is a spirit(demon)
Fornication Is a spirit(demon)
Gossiping is a spirit(demon) Arrogant is a spirit(demon)
Adultery is a spirit(demon)
Envying Is a spirit(demon)
Hatred is a spirit(demon)
Malice is a spirit(Demon)
Lying is a spirit(Demon) Strife is a spirit(Demon)
Pride is a spirit(Demon) E.t.c
Until you starts seeing all this so call little.. little sin as demon attached with you
and following you wherever place you Go.. You will never overcome them or be a
victorious over them, Crucifying them or putting them to death takes a choice and determination, A choice of being Born-again Genuiely and daily Renewal of your
mind, true the word of the lord, along with Prayer.
. #TheMomentOfTruth.!!!

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