#OATH_TAKING_IN_RELATIONSHIPS. • Oath taking is a situation where
two or more persons enter into a
blood covenant to stand up for
each other or keep something
secret. •
But in a relationship, it’s when two teenagers or adults agreed to
be together without backing out.
Is oath important in relationships?
I have heard many people say to their partners, “if you love me
please let’s have an oath”..
especially from ladies. • #Why? Some ladies demand for oath when they feel insecure and scared of loosing a guy, while others seek for oath so as to scare the guys from looking at
another feminine gender. #That_is_nonsense! Why doubt a friend’s love and still went ahead demanding for oath, thinking that it scares everyone?

Someone that is meant for you will
stay even without any oath taking;
but when someone don’t love you, even #Okija_shrine can’t hold him down for you because he will still
go away after the oath.

Before considering taking oath, did
you go for blood check up to know
if there’s no disease in his/her blood? Sometimes people regret why
taking the oath after finding out
that there’s no way out because
blood has been exchanged.
• Sometimes, we hear people
committing suicide because they saw it as the only means to break themselves loose.

Other times, we hear that someone killed his partner because they
don’t want another person to have them. #Why_all_this_myths? • This is 21st century where all this beliefs should be dropped by the
way side. #Oath_taking is a covenant and when you start feeling uncomfortable with it, next idea
won’t be too nice.

#Oath_taking is a cage many have
put themselves in and swallowed
the key to unlock their freedom. Oath taking is like a bottomless pit that you keep falling deeper daily..nothing is good about taking oaths.

Don’t force people to take an oath
so as take prove how much they
love you, look into their eyes and see it boldly written.
An old lady told her daughters, if not the oath I took with him, I
would have ended this relationship called hell”.

My dear brothers and sisters, Pray for the right person and oath taking won’t cross
your mind.
Anybody that demands an oath from you, wants to keep you as a prisoner… Slavery till Jesus come.

Think About It Now. . .

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