Angels in Heaven are shocked at the lack of :fear of God in Christians these last
Some Angels are busy polishing and preparing the crowns for the Bride of Christ
that will hold on till the end.
As members of the council of the Holy living God, they know all the things that are
prepared for the holy saints. Even they fail to grasp or comprehend the Love GOD has for humanity.
Some Angels wish to be you, not that they are not satisfied by how God created
them. Its just the Love God has for humanity.
When a 3rd of the Angels in Heaven fell with lucifer who is now satan. No Jesus
died for their salvation. Their fate was sealed before the foundations of the earth,
hell fire & lake of fire, it is irrevocable. But when man fell.
God had to intervene to reconcile humanity to Himself through His Son Jesus
My point is, we should not abuse the grace we have been provided by God for us to
make it to Heaven.
We don’t deserve such undying love from the Lord. He loves us so much that He gave Himself up for us.
This was the most gruesome death ever recorded in human history neither will
there ever be one like the death of the Messiah.
If you were to be taken back in time 2000 years ago, and be placed at the start of
the Lord’s pain up unto His death. You would probably be sick for days. The images
will traumatise you for the rest of your life, knowing God went through all of that for a sinner like you.
Repent or Perish!
The Messiah is coming prepare the way!


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