Anyone who opens an account with the devil will find it difficult to close it. Why
can’t those who fell into sexual sin once close the account easily?. It is because
they have opened an account with the devil which the terms involved goes beyond
natural reasoning and, a controlling spirit monitors the account. When you have
sex with someone you are not married to. It is an account you’re depositing each time you involve in immoral act.
1) Mr devil, we have agreed to be partnering with your kingdom
2) It is our pleasure to keep serving you by perpetual sexual sins like fornication,
masturbation, pornography, sex chatting, lesbianism, gayism etc.
3) We have yielded our flesh to your demons to keep arousing us into more of it 4) Mr devil, we want to keep enjoying this sex, pls give us more opportunities and
teach us more styles, more ways to seek pleasure
5) Mr devil, pls assign one spirit of lust to us to keep remembering us to continually
renew our commitment with you. Each time we sit or sleep, let us think sex and
dream sex
6) Pls we are weak in sin, help us to be more stronger in iniquity. 7) We sealed our sin account with our FLESH.
8) we have decided for you to live in us instead of God. Our body is now your
These 8 statements is what initiating a sexual sin means in the spirit realm. You can’t do it once and not have interest to continue because satan is now
responsible to help you keep it rolling. So despite several attempt to stop it, it
doesn’t work. Falling into it again is the usual occurrence.
1) You need a witness in your repentance. James 5:15 ” Confess your faults one to
another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed(restored ). The power of sin is rooted in secrecy. Your confession must go beyond yourself
and your room. By this, your conscience will be free. And power of secrecy will
2) You must terminate the closeness between you and your sinner partner. If she is
your fiancee, then both of you need a monitor and a mentor to check you up and
discipline you. Those who don’t have a head will suffer in the hand of the devil. Submit to disciplinary concept.
3) Fast and seek the face of God for spiritual cleansing and total deliverance from
the yoke of sin.
One thing I know for sure is that new year resolutions do not stop your sin, only the
power of God does.. Without genuine repentance your account with the devil is still
very current. I have closed my account. Is your account still open? What are you still waiting for?


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