How I wish I never left my friends that day on the playing ground.
How I wish I didn’t meet Joe watching a movie on his phone.
How I wish he never left his phone with me when he went to play football.
How I wish I never went through the contents of his phone…
I might not have been in this bondage. I wanted to satisfy my curiosity when I saw the nude appearance on that clip.
And that was what led to my Journey in the Pornography land.
I became addicted…..
I would always collect his phone during break and go to a hidden place to watch
more of those dirty videos and Joe always has new videos…
Fast forward to my days in the university… I had become more exposed… And now I know the sites to download them and watch and after watching, I would delete
because just anyone could take my phone…
Who would believe an executive holding a big post in the fellowship would be
involved in such act!
And oh my God, I am gifted, I am anointed, I speak in tongues, I have many gifts of
the spirit, but I was a pornography addict! I had prayed but I was still downloading and watching them.
And then one day I heard this message from Bro. Gbile Akanni, “Silent Chapters
that derail a man”…. Ha! It was loaded and I knew that there was a particular
chapter of my life that must be destroyed, I prayed….oh I prayed…. I wept….. And I
knew I was delivered. I was happy not until I met a co-worker watching a movie
with nude scenes. The urge came back… I picked my phone but I decided to fight it…
I was shaking all over, I was no different from those addicted to cocaine… I won’t…
I said to myself. I managed to close at work but not without my mind already
At night, we were watching African Magic at home and the next thing on the scene
was kissing, … “Change the channel abeg”.
My siblings were like, “when did you turn to mummy?”.
‘Just change it’.
My younger brother wanted to but my elder brother disagreed..
“Are you the only one watching? ”
“Leave it joor”. “Mummy’s P.A”. They all laughed but I wish they could just know what I was passing through…… it
had started again… this time with full force… I couldn’t withstand it…
‘God, please I don’t want to do this, but I don’t have choice, just this once God. This
is beyond me’.
I headed to my room, picked my phone. With tears in my eyes, I turned on my data
connecction. Open my phone browser. I started typing the deadly website address and about 3 letters to go and press send, my Phone rang, it was my pastor. ‘Hello
“Hello Mope, how are you? ”
‘I’m fine sir’
“I was praying, when the Lord asked me to call you and pray for you’. ‘Really sir’
“Yes dear, He asked me to pray a deliverance prayer for you… I was wondering, how you will feel.. You never told me you were suffering from any
spiritual attack, but the voice won’t leave me, so dear can I pray for your
deliverance? ”
‘Ha… Daddy I need it… I really need it right now’.
“Praise God.. Lets go”
And we startrd the deliverance prayer. It was powerful.. He prayed for me.. Maybe because mine started with phone, God wanted to end it on phone. I haven’t done it
before, but I experienced deliverance on phone ..
He prayed.… .ha.… My pastor prayed for me.. And as we concluded the prayer .. I
knew and felt that yoke was broken… I am free now!
As I wanted to drop my phone .. I saw the website address I was typing .. I smiled
and deleted it, I told the devil.. You have lost a customer today! Some days later, I saw another post on facebook giving me link to go on those dirty
things… the pages I have liked… The urge came again and I said to myself..
‘Mopelola it is okay for you to have feelings, but You are on sexual fast, wait for
God’s time to break the fast’.
I immediately unlike, in fact disliked the page.
Another day, I was doing a cleaning at home and I saw those magazine that I kept to satisfy my lust. Seeing the pictures made my mind go wild and I felt like looking
in and checking the picture and end it with the normal masturbation routine but I
smiled and told that spirit …
‘That mopelola that used to do those things is dead! The old nature has been
crushed and fatally wounded (Rom. 6:6).
Mopelola has been crucufied with Christ… A dead man can’t watch pornography now .. It is dead abi?
So.. this new mopelola holding this magazine is a new creature and old things have
passed away..
Having said, I majestically walked to the backyard with matches, lit the matches on
the magazine, watching it burn, I smiled and sang and worshipped God for the
victory and Yes I am Free.. Truly Free…. Hallelujah! The Blood of Jesus is Powerful to deliver you right now.

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