If I deemed salvation as a precious jeweler, given up any sin, is not a big deal.
If Jesus suffered for my sin, born into sinners but refused to sin, then I Must be
willing to give up sin before I can walk with God.
What will be your response, if God answers all your prayers whilst living in sin, will
you ever come out of sin ? If God provides your needs, heal all your sickness and be there at all time for you,
whilst living in sin, when will you come into your senses.
Please read Luke 15 the bible talks about the prodigal son. He came into his
senses, when all doors well locked at his face. The only door that was still open
was the fathers house.
God doesn’t listen to a sinner .The only prayers that God listens from a sinner is, Lord have mercy upon me.
In Matthew 19:16 going talks about a young rich man who came to Jesus to know
how a sinner can make heaven?
Jesus final answer to his quest was, “go and sell all that you have and give to the
poor. Then come and follow me and you will get salvation to your soul.
2 points 1.A sinners must give up, renounce and denounce all that is holding him captives
before the strong hold of the enemy can be broken .
I found it funny to see pastors conducting deliverance to satanic victims, whilst
they themselves and the person receiving deliverance are having the properties of
Satan . Such deliverance are just a joke, because the strong holds cannot be
broken. Rings, Talisman , demonic clothes and any symbolic thing on your body during
deliverance must be removed; before true deliverance can take place.
2 Jesus told the rich ruler ,to give up before He can follow.
Every teachings that warns people to give up sins before they can be delivered is
Peter in the same conversation asked Jesus, Lord we had LEFT ALL that we have TO COME AND FOLLOW YOU what can we get in returned ?
Please read the rest of the story to upgrade your knowledge about the steps into
Stop argument, because God is looking for people to His Kingdom, likewise Satan. Chose your future kingdom now. Tomorrow might be too late .
Jesus can only take a bride without blemish and sport. Every sin and worldliness
are spots and blemishes.
Ephesians 5 :27
That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or
any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.


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