It is shameful to talk about these things.
I doubt if one can be cool in sin. I question people integrity and understanding
about their views on who Jesus Christ could be in appearance?
I see many young people dressing like the world in America churches. I wander if
Americans read different bible? A youth leader in earring? Piercing and fresh tattoos? Yet you call this a follower or
an imitator of Christ? Jesus in piercing? Jesus dirty sagging jeans trousers?
I don’t think this is the type of pictures about Jesus Christ the forefathers of
Christianity painted for us.
Youth in all manner of cloths telling people of how filthy and mad they are inside,
almost naked in their do called gospel and worship songs. The ignorance and the naive will read this post and comment or say in their mind
don’t judge !!
Perverse !! Perverse !! In delusion they follow Satan and shout hallelujah.
Matthew 15:9 The Lord said in vain do these people worship me. Teaching and
MODLING man made doctrines of Christ likeness
Additions to God’s laws reflect upon his wisdom, as if he had left out something which was needed, and which man could supply; in one way or other they always
lead men to disobey God.
How thankful ought we to be for the written word of God! Never let us think that the
religion of the Bible can be improved by any human addition, either in doctrine or
practice. Our blessed Lord spoke of such traditions of Christianity as inventions of
their own, and pointed out one instance in which this was very clear, that of their transgressing of God’s commandment. If we are to modeling Christ then we must
stick to the bible.
I wonder why the same preachers will go and watch Christian movies acted in the
bible language and pictures, yet allow their children to model Jesus in a very filthy
These idolaters are making the command of God of no effect. The doom of hypocrites is put in a little compass; In vain do they worship me. It will neither
please God, nor profit themselves; they trust in vanity, and vanity will be their
I think all who wants to make heaven must distance themselves from America
demonic role model of Christianity.
This is shameful and Abominable in the sight of God. Homosexuality in the pulpit. Repent! Repent! America and come back to God. Start teaching my generation the
true Christianity in righteousness and in holiness, which will earn this generation a
place in heaven, before the judgment of God overtake you unprecedentedly.


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