*Boaz Mobile Data Services*
Cheap and affordable data that works on all device like; modem, PC, Tablet, phones etc.
*MTN Data List*

₦300    = 250MB

₦450    = 500MB

₦600    = 1GB

₦1,300 = 2GB

₦1,900 = 3GB  

~₦3,200~ ₦3,000 = 5GB

~₦6,400~ ₦5,900 = 10GB

(To check balance dial *4 6 1 * 2 #)
*Means Of Payment*

Bank payments and recharge cards
*Bank Details*

Name: Boaz Olaosebikan

Bank: Gtb

Number: 0036644871
After payment send an SMS to 08034967474 or 09062093689 in this format.

*Bank Payment*



Data equivalent:

Means of payment:

Number to subscribe:

Babajide Ola



Bank transfer

If you’re paying with card, send it in this format.

*Card Payment*

Card pin:


Data equivalent:

Number to subscribe:




Your data will be topup as soon as we get your message.

*Note:* Recharge card payment attracts ₦100, also, you will be added to our WhatsApp group after our first transaction.
*Your first time with me? Ask for my ID*
*Promo*: _Refer customers to us and get free topup, if your referred customer purchase accumulate to 5GB you get 250MB free, if your referred customer purchase accumulate to 10GB you get 500MB free._
Get the cheapest data from us today and start enjoying unlimited and uninterrupted internet connection.

08034967474 WhatsApp/Call

09062093689 Call

Website: https://www.boazolaosebikan.WordPress.com
_Contact Us For A Swift Transaction Now_

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