*Let’s keep this prayers going, may the Lord heal our land.*

Prayer chain for  our *country Nigeria* . 
1. Father in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ I thank You. 
2. I thank You because all power belongs to You. 
3. Thank You  because You always answer my prayers. 
4. I ask for forgiveness on behalf of our land and  nation Nigeria.
 5. Forgive us for we have not walked in your ways. 
6. I and our Leaders have wandered away from your laws. 
7. I repent for all wickedness, injustice, nepotism, tribalism, hatred, bloodshed, idolatry, and having not given You Your rightful place in our nation.
8. Wherever we have exalted any idol before You, please forgive us, Lord.
9. Father, have mercy. Remember mercy, O Lord. 10. I contend for the destiny of country Nigeria, O Lord.
11. You say, ask of Me for the nation of Nigeria.  Lord I ask for the land of Nigeria, starting from the North,South,East and West., 
12. Remember Your people oh Lord, those tossed about, oppressed and trampled upon by situations, hunger and thirst created by wicked men.
13. O Lord, remember mercy and heal our land.
 14. Bring the latter rains, O Lord, I pray.
 15. Open the flood gates of heaven and let it rain on our perched land. 
16. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over this land. 
17. Let  that Blood that speaks better things than the blood of Abel speak peace in Nigeria. 
18. Raise leaders Like king David, judges like Samuel that are after your own heart, O Lord. 
19. Give us leaders chosen by You and let them be vessels to bring this land back to the fear of You, O Lord. 
20. Let there be peace and love for one another.
 21. Let any power thirsting for the blood of any Nigerian be quenched by the blood of Jesus Christ. 
22.  I cancel violence in Jesus mighty name. 
23. I declare your justice to reign over this land because you will not by any means discharge the guilty. 
24.  I decree peace that comes with justice, prosperity that comes with your peace and all material and spiritual blessings upon this land.
25. Reward trouble to those who trouble this land with wicked deeds. 
26. Judge without mercy those who defile our land with idols, who shed innocent blood without a cause.
27. Let peace be upon Nigeria let peace be upon the four corners of this land where you have planted us. 

28. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior I pray. Amen.
We aim at doing a 1,000,000 prayer chain. Please don’t break it. Pass it to 10 of your contacts. Thank you. And may you eat the fruit of the New Nigeria of our dream IJMN. Amen 🙏🏽

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