Presently most ladies are chatting with their future husbands here on Facebook but they can’t see it.

They are fasting and looking for the ones in Malaysia and United States, they are looking for the ones that have cars while the wise ladies look for stars!

They run from pillar to pole, prophet to native doctors and church to churches in search for higher mystical powers and connection for a life partner while the Lord perfect will husband is right there on their nose.

They spent hours in praying and fasting, jumping from one crusade to another in search of their missing ribs while the perfect Adam is right there for their grab.


My sister, God is not wicked or deaf and doesn’t withheld answers to marital prayers because he knew that without a good life partner or marriage Heavenly kingdom will not inhabits more souls and the devil knew and also trembled.

Social media or facebook is a global world which enlarges everyday. I called it the future Church because it’s where the entire Christians hold their daily convention.

Look at your church and tell me who isn’t on facebook?

About 50% has facebook account while you are their crying with swollen eyes awaiting for an Italian man to drop from heaven while the man in his tattered clothes and shoes has been reserved by God as your life partner.

What Happens?

Mysteriously God has remoted either of you to becomes social friends, every day he keep chatting you up while you keep ignoring and ridiculing his chats and you think that God hasn’t answered your prayers.

Please wise up because menu-pause doesn’t have cure and I advice you cultivates the act of humility and cheerfulness if you don’t want to end up as old maid or in wrong marriage.


Dude, yes I knew you are presently confused due to different shapes, colors and hairstyles of ladies on your friend-list.

In fact, you are perfect in screening the profile pix of ladies (Bro I was once a victim & we knew ourselves), but what have you achieved?

Personally for me…. I once search and look and becomes frustrated and confused because none of these ladies are more beautiful.

I discovered that, the more beautiful you seek, the more deeper you sink because they are just the same. And it’s time wasteful in seeking for beauty.

Hence, I observed that the beauty of a lady is not outward appearance but rather inward attributes.

The degree of her wisdom, knowledge and understanding and crown with life experiences is the vital credit 💳 in having a perfect nurished happy home.


Looking for a lady that is putting on Gucci bags and Brazilian hair is a disease. Whenever I behold any single lady, am never enticed by her outward look but rather afraid of her inner calcus.

The heart of a lady always scare out the taught of marriage in me because that heart is the warehouse that contains the destruction or construction of your marriage.

The scriptures infer “a wise woman build her home while the foolish tear it down”

This literally means that the act of building a happy marriage filled with joy and happiness doesn’t lay within you but rather in the heart of that lady.

Hence, kindly eschew beauty and start giving attention to that ugly, illiterate and dirty lady on your friend-list.

Continue to chat her up and strike a constructive conversation and keep on praying unto God.

I strongly believe in few weeks, God will opened your eyes to behold one of them as your Eve and when he does…. Go ahead and marry her and stop chasing after beauty.


The major problem in Africa is blindness, anyone can have cars, entice you with intimidating profile pix and still be broke tomorrow.

That he has a car today does not mean he can not sell that car in 5-years time to eat bread..

The point is not marrying a poor person. The point is this; do not let temporal situations form your permanent decision.

Form valuable relationship with anyone who will enhance your vision. The greatest tragedy in life is not death, the greatest tragedy is a life without a purpose.

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