Take up assignments in church 


ROMANS 12:4-8  

As we round off this series on church membership, I want to leave you with a powerful charge on Assignments. You should constantly ask yourself, WHO AM I? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BUILD UP HERE? What can you do to build the vision God has given your church? What more can you do to enhance the labour of your Pastor? 
When you locate your church, you just know this is home. It is that place that the training and assignment to develop your spiritual muscle will be given you. You don’t choose assignments, it is given you and the assignments you embrace is a pathway to the fulfilment of your destiny and calling. When God gives you an assignment, you must hold it tenaciously. 
Once you are a part of a church that has blessed you so much and you have been nourished in the ways of the Lord and in His word, make sure as a builder of God’s house that something of yours is seriously contributing to the building up and advancement of that church. Don’t just sit in church without assignments. Romans 12:4-8 tells us the levels of ministries a member can take up in the church. 
ASSIGNMENT IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE CALLING, it gives birth to Grace. Every assignment will release the Grace inside you and lead you to Greater Grace. Assignment and grace power is like the development of muscle power in your muscle. Assignments will feed your call, as assignments are given you, hidden calls will begin to rise up in your life.
PRAYER: Lord, I receive grace to follow through the process you have lined up for me in my church. Make me into what you want me to be in. Jesus’ name. Amen.

Attitudes to disallow as a church member 3


To the final attitude I want you to avoid and disallow if you see in another person.
Competition and comparison in the local church can make the glory cloud to lift off. If two choristers are to lead the solo part of the same song and they are competing, the Holy Spirit will not descend upon God’s people because of the spirit of competition that those two choristers are operating under. 
Don’t try to be like another person; celebrate your uniqueness in Christ. Don’t give room to competition. Love the way that God has made you because you are wonderfully and fearfully made. I remember a woman who heard the testimony another woman was sharing and at the end of the testimony, the only thing the woman seated beside me could say was “yes, I’m older than her.” Miriam and Aaron were older than Moses but God didn’t choose them to lead His people.
People who are always looking for a way to show they are superior to others always remove themselves from what God is doing, instead of teaming up with His purpose. God operates in the spirit of unity. We must be one at heart. Once there is comparison and competition in the midst of God’s people, the fullness of God’s operation will never be experienced there. If 15 people gather together in a church and three are against each other, they will not have the best, it is better for all those who are in unity to go and pray separately. 
Avoid these three negative attitudes and your church membership will take a major boost.

PRAYER: Lord, thank you for coming through Your Word, I receive grace to live correctly among the brethren in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Attitudes to disallow as a church member 2


PROVERBS 16:28, 1 PETER 2:1

Yesterday I showed you the danger of getting yourself into telling lies against the man of God- as an attitude you need to run away from. I will continue today by showing you another negative attitude to disallow.
Don’t get yourself involved in gossip, slander and tale bearing against the church or the leadership. It’s not normal- it is lending your mouth and your vessel as a tool to the devil. Don’t join group of gossips and don’t yield your vessel as a medium to spread news, both true and untrue. Watch the discussions you are engaged in.
There is nothing that destroys unity among the brethren faster than gossip, slander and tale bearing. Gossips keep adding negativity to false stories as it moves from mouth to mouth; and it is usually born out of envy. This kind of situations makes brethren not to fellowship freely
To prevent this in your church, whenever anyone brings the story of a leader or a church member to you, hold the tale bearer by the hand and take the fellow to the individual she came to speak about and tell him/her to repeat the story. If he/she cannot repeat the whole story in the presence of the person concerned, you have just found someone who is destroying the work of God in your church. The Bible says in Romans 16:17 “mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.” Mark them and avoid them.

PRAYER: Lord, I repent of every way I have fallen short of this in the time past, I yield my member afresh to the building of the church in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Attitudes to disallow as a church member 1


1 TIMOTHY 3:15; PSALMS 31:18&20 ; 2 KINGS 5:22-27.
 Regardless of the size of your church, and your role in that church, never allow these attitudes in your life because you will be pulling down the work of God if you imbibe these attitudes.
If you have ever lied against a man of God, you are not a free person. You are in bondage because you are a tool in the hand of the enemy and he will seek to use you for greater damage in the future before he destroys you. The only remedy is to swallow your pride, go back to where you lied against the pastor. One of the worst things a person can do is to lie against a man of God.
We have seen ladies who enter a man of God’s office to seduce him and he shouted on her to run her out of the office and she also shouted that he wants to rape me and people came in. The pastor lost honour, and the news went round. The matter is not yet over because Jesus Christ, the Head of the church, has it on record and it is not forgotten. 
If you have been involved in a lie against a man of God, it brings a generational curse. Go back and right the wrong. If you must make an open confession in the church, do it because that is what will cancel the repercussions. When you repent, God will forgive and cleanse you and give you a new beginning.
PRAYER: Lord, let me never find myself in a position of lying against your servant- the anointed. Teach me how to comport myself correctly in the church, in Jesus’ name. Amen.